Stop Making Sense

On Being Sentenced To A Crime I Didn’t Commit.

Businesses tend to build organisations by function. But we know that by doing that it creates dysfunction. The ‘responsible’ executive then fixates on the expertise and metrics that they encourage within their function. This deepens the distinction between all the other functions. By most people’s definition, this is a very unhelpful model. It makes no bloody sense.

Burning Down The House

Politicians of both sides (an insight in its own right) develop policies designed to keep themselves in power. Most policies get watered down or undelivered. They are serially undermined by others views of an alternative reality. What credible leader would want to be involved in such a sewer — or swamp? (I chose those words carefully)

And again, by most people’s definition an outdated and possibly corrupt model.


It’s a shame but many businesses don’t learn about the stupidity of organisational dysfunction so they keep learning the lesson. Politics is on the floor because it’s powerless to change the model. A very dangerous model.

The common denominator of leadership is a partial answer to this. And more and more I think it’s the mindset that can conjure with quadrophenia (cognitive dissonance x 4). Encouraging that that’s now a term being played out in surprising circles. It will hopefully stimulate the conversation and move people far enough to see that they are being played.

Talking Heads.

Politics is kept in its place by the media’s (and vested commercial interests) ability to keep the attention on polarisation and the confliction of it all.

Keeping the entertainment value high supports the business model.

And also by a generational manipulation — an increasing lack of interest born out of distrust.

I don’t understand why we trust the media more than politicians because both have completely failed to be trustworthy.

I don’t understand how much more evidence we need of the cynically corrupt — the paid for models that undermine our free will and society.

Psycho Killer

Living through this period brings to life what it’s like being sentenced to a crime you didn’t commit. The facts prove otherwise but nobody cares. No argument you make has any effect on anybody in authority. Loneliness, rage and despair all scream at you. Every sense in my body tells me it’s ridiculously unfair but my mind is slow to catch up.

I’m laying in my cell.

Once In A Lifetime

David Byrne, the frontman of Talking Heads said, about his ever-growing suit in the film Stop Making Sense, that he wanted his head to appear smaller. The easiest way to do that was to make his body bigger by slowly increasing his suit.

His insight -

“Music is very physical and often the body understands it before the head…”

Let’s hope we soon arrive at a point where we, the majority body, can use our common sense (head) to inform those in their precarious positions of power that this has to stop and their time is up. Both in business and in the politics that surround us all.

We have to start making sense.