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Stop Solving The Wrong Problem Really Well

If you want to change the future, you must first change your mind. Then you can help change the world.

Simple — Not

After a few decades stumbling around the topic, two things became clear.

1. You have to change the way business thinks if you want to change how it works.

2. If businesses change how they work they can change how their audiences think.

Imagine That

Businesses have the chance to change the world. That’s bloody good news because it’s obvious governments won’t. This is disgusting because they could.

I’ve spent a lifetime challenging convention. First, when I was a client and now as an advisor and collaborator. I believe businesses have a critical responsibility to step up.

Step. Up

It’s going to take a step-change in leadership, which means it either won’t happen, or at least it won’t happen quickly. Unless we become a ‘we’.

Imperative 21

I was inspired to find out about Imperative 21 — a movement of like minds whose moment has come — in the complete absence of anything else, what can ‘we’ do to make a difference.

Imperative 21 lays out plans and tools to RESET a broken economic system. Quite rightly, they point to and support a number of integrated activities to drive behavioural, cultural, and structural change.

A Business-Led Network That:

  • Equips leaders to accelerate their transition to stakeholder capitalism.
  • Shifts the cultural narrative about the role of business and finance in society.
  • Realigns incentives and facilitates a supportive public policy environment.

An Inspiring Imperative

I complain bitterly when people talk about the idea that there’s we — that ‘we’ must do something to create change. I struggle to go and visit ‘we’ — where the fuck are ‘we’?

We are the ones who keep saying ‘we’ must when there’s no meaningful mechanism for ‘we’. This adds up to ‘we’ being busy solving the wrong problem really well — believing that there is ‘we’.

If we can get momentum behind this, there may be a ‘we’.

  1. We need a movement to motivate the public at scale — to gather impetus as a global platform.
  2. We can inherit a world where ‘we’ can vote for a sustainable future through our purchases.
  3. We can send a meaningful signal to those that care little about us or the planet.
  4. We will be investing in businesses who are not abusing us — their consumers and the planet in pursuit of lining their own pockets.

We would bypass the lopsided corrupt bullshit of the ‘system’ — a toxic pre-engineered set of rules designed to ultimately serve everyone but ‘we’.

We Can. We Must. It’s Imperative



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