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Especially If You Want To Start A Heated Debate

The journey from provocation to result takes grit and determination.

The provocation is crucial — it’s the grit that creates the pearl.

It is the oxygen required for the wildfire that inspires everyone — the energy needed to achieve anything.

Everyone has their own pace but increasingly realise as the unknown/blurred is revealed and becomes focused.

Throughout, images, words and structures compose themselves into material tools, plans and platforms.

These Are The Five Reasons I Get Up Every Day

Lessons For Survival On The Voyage To The Elusive Future

“It’s difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” — Niels Bohr

You may well have heard of the wicked problem. It’s the definition of especially thorny societal problems. It was coined in the 6o’s by Horst Rittel.

For the last two decades (at least) I’ve come to realise that even solving an everyday business problem is hard — often wickedly hard…

If you want to change the future, you must first change your mind. Then you can help change the world.

After a few decades stumbling around the topic, two things became clear.

1. You have to change the way business thinks if you want to change how it works.

2. If businesses change how they work they can change how their audiences think.

Businesses have the chance to change the…

20 Years Of Structured Visual Thinking™

There’s been many a highlight over the last 20 years. Working with great people running great businesses, the worlds biggest brands. We have been helping them through difficult challenges. Through the approach we designed we’ve made a big difference at speed and also had a lot of fun.

The hardest…

Just Thinking

Observations Good, Bad & Disruptive

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