Taking A Visual Approach

To Thinking & Working


Ideas, Concepts, Notions — Visions, Strategies, Models, Opportunities, Business Outcomes.

You know — the stuff of every enterprise.

Without critical thinking it’s unlikely we’ll be that successful in achieving our dreams. It will be very hard to get from our concepts to the vision, strategy or plan. It won’t be that easy to turn our ideas into the scalable valuable opportunities or outcomes we crave.

It’s almost impossible to share our complex concepts with others without making them feel real. That’s why we do things visually.

We think visually — which means quite literally thinking in terms of pictures. In our case we make our thoughts come to life visually and physically too— because we know how valuable that is in getting meaningful ideas shared— fast.


Thinking Visually

We can’t stop thinking that way.

When we hear anything — we start visualising it in our minds. We start structuring, systemising and making patterns from the information we hear. We are literally translating everything into visuals in our heads. We also do the same through our tools — and we do it the minute we start discussing any challenge.

We commit to physical visuals as soon as we can too — to begin with it may be simply that sketch on a napkin*.

*And on the front if that side’s not already been used.

Transferring Value

Even a very early sketch unlocks a ton of value.

A simple sketch stimulates debate and conversation — in a very constructive way — ideas are challenged, definition is improved and fresh ideas emerge. We can make rapid progress to even further clarity — we receive more data — which suggests more discussion and then — further versions.

It’s prototyping. It’s highly valuable. It’s effective.

New Dimensions

We look at the same ‘picture’ from multiple angles, allowing for different emphasis and further drilling — accessible by different audiences. In our new world of virtual technologies and digital tools we can be in the same room or scattered all over the world and still ‘see’ the idea — still being part of creating the the same story.

Working Visually Has Infinite Possibilities.

Whatever Next

As we work this way and get to some conclusions the final representations can take many forms and work in countless different media. With the advent of AR/VR/MXR we will soon be walking around that sketch and asking real questions of virtual people and structures.

We think visually, we work directly — both virtually and collaboratively.

It’s How We Roll

We work visually throughout.

As we plan, as we think through and design all our assignments everyone can literally see what’s happening. We also facilitate visually — in many modes, through the tools we deploy online and the group work we can conduct in sessions/events.

We apply many different methods and techniques as we work with clients and wherever we need to validate or align the energies of the people.

Above all we are visual and systems thinkers. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve better decisions and outcomes that they own and are proud of.

Group Partners

Structured Visual Thinking.