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Taking The Crazy Path

It’s Like This — The Crazies May Just Save Us

I’m fucking crazy. I’m crazy with the indifference. I’m crazy with the stupidity of what’s going on around me. I’m crazy with the desire to make it different so we actually change things. I’m crazy with myself.

There’s a global phenomena of dumbness.

Politics, Business and in Society — dumb everywhere. ‘Madness’ has become the most common word I hear. It’s thrown around in every conversation. It’s used repeatedly by all the people I know — even people I don’t know. Everyone seems to be railing against the pain of the ever present stupidity.

“What really drives me crazy is the three truths to this —and they really fuck me off. 1. We know we are causing it — 2. We’re allowing it to stay in place and 3. We think we’re powerless to do anything about it.

Crazy Or What?

  1. Causing it because we continue to add credibility to the system that’s feeding the beast. We are complicit in mindless consumption and buying behaviours.
  2. Allowing it to stay in place by not being an activist for a change to the mindless systems. By not voting on or transforming what we know would bring change.
  3. Seemingly powerless because we think the mechanisms aren’t in place to connect the dots and collaborate as a global movement towards the change.

This is all true whether it’s society, our business or the political system we are living in. I want things to be better — to overcome the waste, the inequity and the pain.

Crazy Eats Complacency

Complacency exists everywhere. Too many people aren’t doing enough —many people I know don’t do anything. It strikes me that we need extremes of difference — crazy extremes. Positively crazy different.

I’m With Her:


Being different and challenging isn’t always welcomed — but ‘doing’ different is the only route to ‘being’ different. If we aren’t being different we allow all the things that piss us off to stay pissing us of. We allow normal to win.

And I’m not good with normal. I refuse to be normal. I find myself raging against compromise and mediocrity everywhere. Both people and stuff. My normal is being crazy* about wanting things to be different. And being involved with other crazy people.

*Crazy — I mean that level of idea that’s different enough/scary enough to challenge convention. Fighting madness with madness — coming at the same old bullshit problems differently. Using true creativity bordering on madness because the normal ain’t fucking cutting it.

Scary Crazy — The Crazy Framework

Crazy Is Good And Scary

Some people are not comfortable around crazy people. Many people will find it uncomfortable. They won’t like the word even. They don’t know what to do, what to think and how to react. That’s the whole point. People have to break out of the comfort zone of their satisfied existence.

We all need to get angry* with the stupidity or it won’t change.

  1. Crazy is different — it’s noticeable — that’s life and death in this era. Crazy makes people stop in their tracks. That’s what gets attention and attention is what’s needed.
  2. Crazy plants seeds in the heads of humans. Seeds that grow on their own. Crazy ideas create a tidal wave out of that seed. That sparks movements and engages others in the mission. We mustn’t ever be afraid to be different — to break traditions.
  3. Crazy demonstrates passion — and passion is more important than ever.
  4. You don’t have to be a genius to be crazy — just explode into the idea and be yourself.
  5. Some ideas sound crazy. But crazy ideas are what shakes up the world.
  6. Crazy isn’t about being right or perfect or finished — crazy will get others there.
  7. Crazy is daring to try. As that Churchill chap said —“We must not lose our faculty to dare — especially in the dark days.”
  8. Crazy can start anywhere — no matter how small the thing. Smash things to pieces — the small pieces can have maximum effect too.
  9. Crazy has the power to open minds. Crazy may just be our only chance. Allowing the madness has to be the biggest madness.

* I know some smart people who will say anger doesn’t help. I say anger channeled into crazy ideas will. Go on, get angry with me.

Stay Crazy



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