The Mission


Making People Think

It might sound a bit grand but I’ve spent my life trying to get people to think. To my mind it’s only by thinking that we can bring about any progress. And only by thinking critically might we avoid solving the wrong problems really well.

Being the one trying to be the catalyst for thinking is often an uncomfortable place to be. It creates tension on occasion — but rather that than an absence of cognition.

It try to get people engaged by firing up their own minds. I hunt for any missile that will work. That can be anything that wakes them up — pay attention. A well written one liner — a quote that will work alongside an image in Instagram or Twitter — a piece of music, a film or a story — anything that stirs the imagination.

I’m by no means an expert in all this.

And I’m very happy with that. I would rather be present and therefore naive enough to see what works (today) rather than make assumptions based on an outdated experience or retained knowledge.

That’s the past.

I have always been a visual person.

I use my ability to create imagery to reflect what I hear and what I see. I draw, I make images, I take photographs. I steal graphics from wherever I see them.

I hold enormous databases of things — some of it in my head — pictures and stuff that’s inspired me. I see big value in conceptualising the abstract ideas of business (visions, strategies, operational models, cultural environments). I do that to move the debate on.

I create large scale Frameworks on big walls. They are the structures and machinery — tools that can calculate much better outcomes.

I’m out to dispel the myths and assumptions that hold back the potential of individuals and business. My best days are when I’m rattling the cages of the normal — the mediocre thinking of those that should know better.

I’m never happier than when bringing about change and showing the path forward for those that have realised that things can and need to be different.

I’m Head Of Crayons At Group Partners. We Help Clients Make Strategies That Work. May The Bridges I Burn Light My Way.