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The Unspeakable

I Know Nothing

I’ve developed some fresh rules for my life.

I precede every discussion with a disclaimer – ‘I’ve no idea’ — no idea what’s going to happen — no idea what’s true. And no idea how people have arrived at their conclusions. Except they have.

In each conversation, I hear words turn into phrases. I try and pause long and hard before allowing judgement or (my) opinion to cloud anything. (It’s really hard.)

“We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!” — Douglas Adams

When the inevitable happens and I differ with another’s point of view I weigh up the options.

  1. Did I hear the (real) intention in their language? Did I let it settle long enough to actually give it the credit it’s due?
  2. Is the other person engaging with the intention behind the language they shared?
  3. Is it worth the extra cycle of explanation to understand whether we’re using the same words in the same way?

A War Of Words

Surviving the linguistical battleground.

People are so attached to their investment in a word they fight to avoid any dialogue on the matter. We’ve lost the critical skill of accepting possibility. Many have forgotten that broad definitions are contained in concept and metaphor. That’s the point of them. Too many are blinded because black or white has been weaponised.

“The definition of definition — the wilderness of idea trapped within a wall of words.” — Anon

We now have a context within which utter insanity is acceptable and must be defended. Complete madness has been made consumable — it’s been ‘packaged’ and ‘branded’ for the mainstream and disseminated under respectable camouflage.

Our enemies are significantly more sophisticated and smarter than we may think. See the Vox QAnon video at the foot of this as one example.

Getting To The Insight

So much happened to unsettle me this year that I’m careful to avoid drawing any single conclusion — on anything.

It’s easy to point at the villains — social media, the big tech companies, the appalling lies told by so-called world leaders meaning that the truth is not important anymore, the capitalist system, the conspiracy theorists and the actors behind them, (QAnon*, for example) the disenfranchised, the inequity that’s been brought about by it all.

It’s none of these. It’s all of these.

In Summary

This didn't just happen.

The list above has been building up over a long time. We now need a word for this slow decline so we can start calling the enemy by name. The longer we pick on one factor the longer we delay the opportunity to fight back.

Currently, the enemy is unspeakable.

THE QANON EXAMPLE — You may have to suffer some adverts along the way. Skip. Skip. Skip.



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