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If you want to change the future, you must first change your mind. Then you can help change the world.

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Simple — Not

After a few decades stumbling around the topic, two things became clear.

Imagine That

Businesses have the chance to change the world. That’s bloody good news because it’s obvious governments won’t. This is disgusting because they could.

I’ve spent a lifetime challenging convention. First, when I was a client and now as an advisor and collaborator. I believe businesses have a critical responsibility to step up.

Step. Up

It’s going to take a step-change in leadership, which means it either won’t happen, or at least it won’t happen quickly. Unless we become a ‘we’. …

Wake TFU

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Let’s get straight to it.

We used to define the future in units of 5, 10 – maybe even 50 years. Science fiction painted us the pictures.

Now it’s possible to achieve almost anything we like in weeks or months if we put our minds to it. If you are awake then you are already putting your mind to it. If you are awake you are only limited by imagination.

The Race

The business world is racing to create new/better services at less cost and increased utility. …

A Primer For The Third Decade Of The 21st Century

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Photo by Upal Patel on Unsplash

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.” — Sir Winston Churchill

Under Pressure

Whatever size, type or age of your business right now the pressures are the same — increase performance at the lowest cost and without risk. Do that while ensuring investment (or revenue) and avoid being disrupted, outspent or dismissed.

And That’s Not All

You will be answering a bunch of irritating questions on top.

  • Where are we headed?
  • What is the result we want?
  • What are the challenges we must solve?
  • What are the opportunities we must exploit?
  • How do we get there? — When?
  • What needs to change? — Why?
  • How do I take my people with me?
  • Do I have the capability to get it done? …

Why have we stopped engaging in conversation?

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It’s still only February.

I’ve lost track of the plane journeys I’ve been on this year. The only saving grace of air travel is the refuge it affords. A disconnected space up here on top of the clouds — a welcome respite from the deluge. A chance to pause — to catch up on all the things on the list.

Except for this flight, it has WiFi.

I just realised how terrifying my list is. If it fell into the wrong hands I could get struck off. I’m not on anything that I could be struck off from though.

“The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn.” …

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It’s A Struggle To Get People To Agree

For reasons of physiology, we each have our own perspectives on everything. That means different definitions and different meanings for everything. That signals, waste, risk, cost and frustration. That’s never good.

Getting agreement on things comes with a heavy tax. In business, it’s as hard as it is vital to get the agreement. …

Going Beyond Normal

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Making People Think

And How Nokia Didn’t. The Burning Platform Memo

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We all remember how Kodak completely missed the digital photography industry. A bit less well known yet equally salutary was Nokia’s demise. Shortly before its Capital Markets Day in 2011 this speech was given by the CEO Stephen Elop and posted to the internal Nokia employee system.

It became known as the ‘burning platform’ memo.

Why We Don’t Change + The Scientific Reality That So Often Defeats Us

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Written By Hands

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So — I’m going to give you all my data. Because that way you can sell me a whole lot more stuff and, while you are at it and because you will then know me that well, you will charge me a premium because you will be able to figure out that I can afford it. Right? Nope.

I’ve been very interested in new technology for years — my first proper job was helping friends launch the first microcomputer in the UKand ever since then I’ve been a very early adopter of just about every gadget available. Sad I know.

Thing is I’m an analogue person and I don’t actually know anything about the technology. …

In Search Of The Right Attention

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I was searching for a new job title.

Not because I like them but because (some) others need them. I accept that a title allows us to be positioned. But that’s why I don’t like them. I’ve met far more brilliant Receptionists than brilliant Senior Executives.

I have been ‘Head Of Crayons’ for a few years. I don’t think that label stopped me getting meetings or anything. I don’t know if I’ve been literally positioned that way. Maybe I have.

It could be that I am perceived as the bloke that manages hordes of mischievous whiteboard markers and coloured pencils that would otherwise be running amok in the business. It’s true, I try to motivate them — keep them on track. …


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