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Bitmart announces WINR token Migration

Part 1: Announcing WINR Migration to ERC-20

Bitmart Token Migration is ready to start

Token Migration Announcement

We are excited to announce that WINR tokens will be migrated on Bitmart this Friday, April 2nd, 2021 at 7am UTC.

All TRC-20 WINR tokens must be received in Bitmart by 6am UTC on the 31st March to be eligible for automated token migration to the ERC-20 WINR tokens. After this time, Bitmart will no longer accept TRC-20 WINR tokens so please make note of this transition.

Please note that we will announce the Token Generation Event and the WINR token address in Part 2 of this series. No WINR tokens have yet been created on the Ethereum network.

Please note: if you see any other WINR addresses in Etherscan, they are a scam!

Bitmart Migration of WINR Tokens

Withdrawals to be temporarily halted

In order to make the migration complete, Bitmart has provided the following information regarding the conversion of WINRs from TRC-20 to ERC-20.

Suspending WINR Withdrawals and Deposits: on 31st March at 7am UTC all deposits and withdrawals of WINR will be temporarily halted while the migration takes place of WINRs from TRC-20 to ERC-20.

Token Swap: WINR tokens will be swapped commencing on Friday, 2nd of April at 15:00 UTC

Withdrawals to reopen: Pending the completion of all migration and backtesting on the Ethereum/Matic networks, we will provide an update on the exact date and time of the re-opening of the withdrawals

Once the migration is completed on Bitmart, you will no longer be able to deposit TRC-20 WINR tokens.

IMPORTANT: Not on Bitmart? What do you need to do?

Note for users who decide not to use Bitmart

We ask all users to move their WINR tokens to Bitmart by 31st March 6am UTC to ensure your coins can be migrated to ERC-20.

For any users who do not send their WINR tokens to Bitmart, we will provide other solutions for TRC-20 to ERC-20 conversion in the near future. We will make every effort to provide a TRC-20 to ERC-20 bridge for this soon on our website as soon as possible.

How the WINR token and minting for the games will work in Layer 2 on the Matic Network

For those of you with questions about how the Layer 1 and Layer 2 solution works, here is a simple explanation.

There are two WINR contracts which behave as a single contract. The WINR contract on Matic network is referred to as the child token contract. The WINR contract on Ethereum is called the RootToken contract.

The two contracts will be linked together so that there is a 1 for 1 relationship of every coin. This method which is created by Polygon ensures that these two contracts are running as a single contract so that the number of total tokens will never exceed the 10 Billions WINRS that are defined in the token contract.

For game play, all games contracts will reside on the Matic Network. As new tokens are minted during gameplay, users will still continue to receive them on the Matic side. And as users then move them to the Ethereum network side, the linked contracts will always remain in sync so that there is always a correct number of total tokens in circulation at any point in time. For more details on how Layer 2 works, details on all of this is available here: https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/ethereum-matic/pos/getting-started.

Next Steps and What’s ahead?

We are currently running backtests on the linked Ethereum and Matic versions of the WINR contract on Goerli and Ropsten test networks. We are running these tests before we move to Mainnet.

We will be sharing additional information about the token generation event as we prepare for the full migration of all WINR tokens into ERC-20. We will also be further updating all of you on our plans for go-live, new games, and a revised roadmap.

We will also be launching a new landing page which will contain all of latest information.

We thank you for your continued support as we build a truly exciting decentralised gaming platform, really the first of its kind.

We will have further updates coming soon with more details…

About JustBet

JustBet is the first-ever fully decentralized gaming and casino platform built and fully running on smart contracts. It is a fully autonomous platform that operates a self-running house to cover gaming wins/losses and pays out 80% of all profits to users who stake the JustBet native WINR tokens. JustBet is expanding its development efforts by running on the Polygon Network to increase the efficiency, speed, and gaming experience for its users. Our partners include Bitmart, Polygon, BXTB (investors), TokenSuite (marketing), and Autonio.

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JustBet is the first-ever fully decentralized and autonomous gaming system built on Polygon Layer 2 using Chainlink Oracles. The platform has no human interaction, where payouts cannot be tampered with at any time, and “where everyone is a WINNER”.

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