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JustBet Migration Update #3

One step closer to our transition to Polygon (formerly Matic)

We’ve made a ton of progress over the past week or so and its amazing to see how exciting the platform will be when we finally re-launch.

Current Progress

First off, we were able to run our first tests on the dice game and it was a success. There’s still work to be done so first lets review what our developers have achieved recently. Its a lot to share:

Server Side updates

  • Add server endpoints for configuring min and max bet amount
  • Calibrated all bets to tie back to a USD max bet value for whatever currency is being used
  • Fix Referral event error
  • Fix nodemon require issue
  • Fix decoding logs for game result
  • Working on setting up a price oracle to unify pricing data displayed across the system for all currencies used into USD to simplify the entire platform experience

UI updates

  • First tests of dice game worked. UI errors with some of the graphical displays but the backend worked
  • Fix units displaying in front-end
  • Worked on missing issues on Dice (UI not displayimg win or loss outcome from roll)
  • Adding a UI selection for default currency, which will work across the global platform, similar to setting a default language

Mining Formula

  • Creating a function for mining that will be used to call from all games
  • Begun implementation of the revised formula which runs on a logarithmic function rather than linear mining formula

Documentation & Migration from test

  • Writing Deployment guide
  • Updated goerli wherever required in the codebase
  • Created migration script to move from one testnet to another which ran successfully for all smart contracts and platform

We will soon be announcing the migration plan for tokens including minting of WINR on ERC-20 and providing you information how to migrate your WINR tokens.

As previously mentioned, the platform will contain WBTC, ETH, USDT and Polygon (Matic) tokens for play.

We are also putting the mining formula into a separate function so that we can eventually open up the platform to anyone who wishes to create games in the future. By putting mining and payout formulas outside of the game, this will enable us to provide common functions that any developers can call when they build their own games on Just Bet. This is still in development but will be delivered sometime after the main platform is live.

Next Steps and What’s ahead?

The steps below are the ones we’ve previously highlighted which remain our top priority once we have further progressed with development and testing taking place:

  • Minting of WINR tokens in ERC
  • Working with Bitmart to provide a transition of the tokens within the platform
  • Continue Testing the platform
  • Inviting a random set of community members to test the new platform and provide early feedback (still on the roadmap, hold tight!)
  • Private Bridge Conversion for any users who do not move their tokens to Bitmart. Details on this will follow soon too

WINR Token Migration

We encourage all of you to make sure you have an account on Bitmart primary partner for our WINR token migration. All you need to do is transfer your WINRs over to Bitmart and they will take care of the migration. Announcements to follow soon.

As always, we thank you for your continued support.

And stay tuned for our next update with some exciting news!

About JustBet

JustBet is the first-ever fully decentralized gaming and casino platform built and fully running on smart contracts. It is a fully autonomous platform that operates a self-running house to cover gaming wins/losses and pays out 80% of all profits to users who stake the JustBet native WINR tokens. JustBet is expanding its development efforts by running on the Polygon Network to increase the efficiency, speed, and gaming experience for its users. Our partners include Bitmart, Polygon, BXTB (investors), TokenSuite (marketing), and Autonio.

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JustBet is the first-ever fully decentralized and autonomous gaming system built on Polygon Layer 2 using Chainlink Oracles. The platform has no human interaction, where payouts cannot be tampered with at any time, and “where everyone is a WINNER”.

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The first-ever fully decentralized and autonomous gaming platform which has no human interaction “where everyone is a WINR”.

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