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Announcing the WINR Token Generation Event & MORE

Part 2: Announcing the WINR Token Generation Event & MORE

Bitmart Migration, Uniswap Listing, LP Program, Token Swap, Throne Card NFTs

Summary of Key announcements

We have multiple announcements so please read each section

1. WINR ERC-20 Contract Address and token generation event

2. Uniswap listing announcement

3. Announcing new WINR LP staking pool

4. Bitmart withdrawals update

5. Token Swap your TRC-20 to ERC-20

6. Announcing our Throne Card NFT program to win even more

Have a read through to see what’s happening and to check out our new roadmap!

1. Token Generation Event of WINR on Etherscan

We are excited to announce that WINR tokens have now been generated in ERC-20. We have created a single WINR contract which resides on both the Polygon and the Ethereum Networks.

The JustBetWINR contract address is on Etherscan is:

This is the ONLY address we have used to mint the tokens.

Please note: if you see any other addresses in Etherscan, they are a scam!

2. Uniswap Listing

We will officially list WINR on Monday, April 5th, 2021 at 3pm UTC. If you want to jump in and stake your WINR, then read the next section for even more ways to be a WINR!

Uniswap Listing

3. Announcing our new LP Staking program

Stake your WINR on Uniswap and earn even more

Just after Uniswap listing, we will launch the new liquidity pool for WINR. Just stake your WINR on Uniswap, and then you can pool your Uniswap WINR LP tokens on https://Just.Bet to earn even more.

Here’s how the LP program works:

We will have 20M WINR tokens in the pool which will yield over 50,000 blocks (about a 1 month period). Each block will yield 40 WINR/block which will be shared proportionally by how many UNI WINR LP tokens you stake. The more you stake, the more you will make!

LP staking will be available after Uniswap listing completes.

4. Bitmart withdrawals

In line with the uniswap listing and completion of the token migration from TRC-20 to ERC-20, Bitmart Withdrawals will open 30 minutes after the Uniswap listing is complete.

5. Swap your TRC-20 to ERC-20 on Just.Bet

Did you miss out on swapping your WINR tokens on Bitmart? Not to worry!

Our new landing page will enable everyone with WINR tokens in their tronlink wallet migrate their tokens.

Swapping will be made available from 17:00 UTC on Monday, April 5th, 2021 directly on our website. Just pop over to https://Just.Bet.

6. Our throne card NFTs program is coming

To round this up, we are also announcing our new NFT program where you will be able to earn even more WINR or take part in our incredible unpaid lottery distribution.

We will be launching a total of 3 NFT cards each with unique features

Jack of Diamonds (J♦️): will yield 8% additional WINR mining during gameplay

Queen of Diamonds (Q♦)️: will give you access to a share of 10% of the weekly lottery when no one wins the lottery.

King of Diamonds (K♦)️: the ultimate throne card where you will earn 5% additional WINR yield for mining and also be eligible to share in 10% of the unpaid lottery

Throne Cards NFT program where you can earn even more!

Only one card per user will be allowed. Users who hold two cards will only receive rewards on the first card added to their wallets.

In order to participate, you will have to purchase and hold the NFT card in the same metamask wallet where you are connected to the Just.Bet Platform.

Wondering where we are heading next?

We’ve got a new roadmap too! We have a lot more to cover on what’s coming next including a summary of our logarithmic mining formula, our new wallet and balance page, and our UI updates supporting multiple currencies.

Our updated Airdrop Payout Ratio and Mining progress

We’ve even updated the Payout ratio so that everyone knows how much airdrops are paying out daily.

We’ve got a lot more news to share. So stay tuned as we prepare to share more details with you about the re-launch and so much more!

About JustBet

JustBet is the first-ever fully decentralized gaming and casino platform built and fully running on smart contracts. It is a fully autonomous platform that operates a self-running house to cover gaming wins/losses and pays out 80% of all profits to users who stake the JustBet native WINR tokens. JustBet is expanding its development efforts by running on the Polygon Network to increase the efficiency, speed, and gaming experience for its users. Our partners include Bitmart, Polygon, BXTB (investors), and TokenSuite (marketing). More partner announcements will be coming soon!

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JustBet is the first-ever fully decentralized and autonomous gaming system built on Polygon Layer 2 using Chainlink Oracles. The platform has no human interaction, where payouts cannot be tampered with at any time, and “where everyone is a WINNER”.

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