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What’s the Deal?

What’s the Deal?

JustBet April Newsletter

Welcome to our dealer’s table where we will give you a run down of the most important events & announcements that occurred in the last few weeks without the unnecessary clutter!

ERC20 migration is done

You might remember from our article about migration from Tron to Ethereum and use Polygon layer-2 plasma network for a better development environment and a far smoother user experience. The token generation event has been completed on Apr 2nd 2021.

Why have we migrated to Polygon?

The answer to that is simple: it makes sense from a development perspective and from a scalability perspective, not to mention it’s better for users as the transaction fees will be lower and we can offer a range of coins for gameplay as well.

By running on layer-2 on Polygon, we will have a far more scalable network to support our growth. We will also have a far more stable and advanced development environment which will accelerate both game development and also increase the network speed for transaction verifications and in-game play. This is critical as we expand our games development to multi-player games and attract a much larger audience of users who hold and wish to play with coins such as Ethereum or wrapped Bitcoin.

Liquidity Pool is live

Now you can stake your WINR tokens in the new liquidity pool program. To make it easy to our users we’ve created a “Step by Step on How to join the Liquidity Pool Program” blog.

Listing on Uniswap

We are LIVE on Uniswap!
This is the official listing where you can find WINR trading on Uniswap — Official Dextools

Join our Giveaway

Join our giveaway where you can win $20 worth of $WINR tokens.

NFTs are coming

NFTs are one of the most sought after digital assets on the market at this moment. JustBet has decided bring their its own twist with the NFT Throne Cards program where you will be able to earn even more WINR or take part in our incredible unpaid lottery distribution.

We will be launching a total of 3 NFT cards each with unique features:

  • Jack of Diamonds (J♦️): will yield 8% additional WINR mining during gameplay
  • Queen of Diamonds (Q♦)️: will give you access to a share of 10% of the weekly lottery when no one wins the lottery.
  • King of Diamonds (K♦)️: the ultimate throne card where you will earn 5% additional WINR yield for mining and also be eligible to share in 10% of the unpaid lottery.

    More info about the NFT program coming soon!

Next big ANN on the way

Big news is just around the corner! Watch for a major announcement on Thursday 22nd April 2021!

Telegram Channel

To keep up to date with updates join our TG ANN Channel or chat with other like minded users in our official TG channel.

We will see you for the next instalment of ‘What’s the Deal’ in the meantime follow us on Twitter for daily updates.



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