What the heck is a design system?

If you’re working as a Product Designer or if you are familiar with Product Design, you have probably heard about design systems.

But what the heck is a design system?

It is not only a classification of components, but a whole process that is built and maintained by a company to help them develop superior user experiences and strengthen their brand.

Core components of a design system

Reduce design debt

The more a company and its products grow, the more features get added to the original design, and old features become outdated. Design teams also get to grow, and some projects are sometimes even delivered by outside agencies.
Without a design system, a product can lose its identity and start looking like a patchwork, creating a disjointed user experience.

Eliminate Inconsistencies

The first task before building a design system is classifying all the visual components within the product.

Save time

When a team designs something it is to serve the user. As a young designer, I thought the user was only the customer buying the product. But in this case, it’s also the people within the organization.

Good design is a language, and when everyone is speaking the same language, that’s when things get done.



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