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A Meaningful Step Toward Meeting JUST Egg Demand in Asia

Rendering of Eat Just Asia’s Singapore facility

Nearly a year ago, we expanded our protein production operation to include the acquisition of and capital investment in a 30,000-square-foot facility and 40 acres of land in Minnesota. That was an important step in helping to build a better, more just food system in the United States — and now we’ve taken a leap forward to meet demand for JUST Egg in Asia.

In October, we revealed a partnership with a consortium led by Proterra Investment Partners Asia Pte. Ltd., an investment management firm focused on the food and agribusiness sectors, to build and operate our first-in-Asia, and largest, plant protein production facility in Singapore.

The partnership combines Eat Just’s proprietary protein separation technology, leadership and innovative business model with Proterra Asia team’s on-the-ground experience across the continent. Once built, the first factory will generate thousands of metric tons of protein and future facilities that are envisaged to be built in Asia are expected to follow as our business grows, creating additional jobs and infrastructure.

“This partnership will further accelerate our path to become one of the world’s largest producers of eggs in the next decade. Proterra’s experience across sourcing and manufacturing will be invaluable. Consumer demand, driven by health, food security and food safety, is creating an environment of extraordinary opportunity for this unique partnership,” said Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just.

“Proterra is excited to announce this collaboration to form a strategic alliance with Eat Just for Asia; we would like to help consumers across Asia get better access to the excellent plant-based egg product by establishing a fully integrated supply chain within Eat Just Asia,” said Tai Lin, Managing Partner of Proterra Asia.

“It is increasingly important for us to invest in novel sustainable agri-food technologies, such as alternative proteins, to meet the world’s future needs for food and nutrition. The partnership between Eat Just and Proterra is an important addition to Singapore’s agri-food ecosystem and will build new innovation and production capabilities within the sector here. This will allow us to better cater to the needs of the Asian markets, while creating exciting opportunities for Singapore,” said Damian Chan, Executive Vice President of the Singapore Economic Development Board.

You can read the full announcement here as well as coverage by CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, TechCrunch and The Business Times.




We believe a just food system begins with breakfast.

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