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Top 8 Insurance Podcasts To Follow in 2020.

The popularity of podcasts is not unknown to us, with more than 50 million people being active podcast listeners worldwide. Here we have a look at some of the best insurance podcasts and the wide range of topics they cover.

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1. The Connected Insurance Podcast:

Started by Agency Revolution, a digital marketing agency specializing in the insurance industry, ‘The Connected Insurance’ podcast focuses on the latest insurance industry trends, growth hacking as well as meaningful and efficient ways to maintain best practices for agencies in a digitized world. Featuring several one-on-one dialogues between hosts and industry experts, the ‘Connected Insurance’ podcast offers a rich variety of thought-provoking ideas and sessions on insurance and business growth. You can find them here.

2. The Insurance Law Podcast:

AM Best’s ‘The Insurance Law Podcast’ features episodes on legal aspects present in the insurance industry from an attorney’s perspective. Whether it is claims settlements and their impacts on businesses or the growth of class action lawsuits involving data breaches, ‘The Insurance Law Podcast’ discusses all kinds of strategies and preparations when it comes to litigation in the insurance industry. The podcast also features a panel consisting of some of the finest lawyers from top agencies who share their insights on key topics in the insurance industry. You can find them here.

3. The Insurance Academy:

‘The Insurance Academy’ is one of the most extensively followed podcasts in the world. With their focus being on increasing transparency and ethics in the insurance industry, the podcast features episodes giving insights into best practices in the industry for agents. A podcast that is for agents by agents, ‘The Insurance Academy’ claims to have expert panelists in all lines of businesses in the industry. You can find them here.

4. Business Of Insurance:

‘Business of Insurance’ functions as a podcast that focuses on what it is like to actually work in the insurance industry. Hosting a series of professionals from every conceivable part of the industry, this podcast offers key insights into the work culture and trending industry practices. From business growth to marketing to digital trends and strategies for implementing them in day-to-day proceedings, ‘Business of Insurance’ offers a range of subjects in each one of its episodes. You can find them here.

5. Adjuster’s Talk Podcast:

Adjuster’s Talk Podcast, hosted by Jason Heenan, an adjuster himself, focuses on insurance adjusters. With a variety of guest speakers featuring in each episode, Adjuster’s Talk provides key insights into several aspects that go into adjusting. The podcast introduces what it is like to work as an adjuster in the insurance industry, covering topics such as processes of inspecting loss sites, women in the independent adjusting industry, being a successful claims adjuster, etc. Other topics that are covered include persistent problems in adjusting, work ethics as an adjuster as well as best practices. You can find them here.

6. Insurance Marketing With John Carroll:

Hosted by John F. Carroll from InsuranceSplash, a consultancy that provides marketing services for insurance industry professionals, this podcast prioritizes business development for small and large-scale businesses by offering social media strategies for various online platforms along with search engine optimization. Insurance Marketing With John Carroll focuses on insurance marketing strategies, ideas to develop business, gather more leads as well as sales tips for agents in the industry. You can find them here.

7. Simply Explaining Insurance:

Simply Explaining Insurance is a podcast for customers and businesses alike. Offering insights into insurance protection, customer liabilities, what goes into developing policies, the podcast takes complex topics and boils them down to 6–7-minute episodes which provide valuable information to its listeners. You can find them here.

8. Risk Management and Insurance Podcast:

Risk Management features in every business venture but this podcast serves as a nexus between risk management and the insurance industry. Each episode focuses on the fundamentals of commercial, property, casualty, and professional liability insurance while also addressing strategies to eliminate the risks involved in each of them. Hosted by Marsh O’ Neill, the podcast features expert guest speakers from the industry who provide valuable insights into risk management and protecting businesses in times of financial crises. You can find them here.

Do check out these podcasts to stay updated on the latest industry trends as well as receiving key insights and practices that go into making it big in the insurance sector.

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