Speaking Out Against the Violence in Our Communities

Jun 4, 2020 · 2 min read

Dear JustFix.nyc Friends, Family, Partners, and Supporters,

Our organization understands that the struggle for housing justice is inseparable from the struggle for racial justice. Racist housing policies, like redlining, evictions, and urban renewal impact the same Black communities targeted by police violence. Our community members who face housing discrimination and who are forced to live in substandard conditions are also being stopped, questioned, and killed by racist police and hurt by a criminal justice system that centers profit and not people, and practices prejudice, not justice. This resulted in the killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, and countless Black lives that have been taken by racism and police violence.

We grieve their lives, and we condemn police violence and the violence that gentrification inflicts.

At JustFix.nyc, we believe that all people deserve to live in safe, healthy homes, and in a society where they are treated with respect. All of us are committed to centering our work on the communities most impacted by this violence. In the short term, that means explicitly participating in movements to address economic violence that has been perpetuated against the Black community, such as:

We are also members of a tech industry where not only are Black people underrepresented in executive leadership positions by 82%, but they are subject to discrimination even when they are in positions of power. We commit to recruiting and retaining a staff that reflects the city we call home and the population we serve through our products. This is not just about inclusion, equality, or equity — this is about justice.

We have donated $4,500 to local organizations selected by our staff that focus on advocacy and activism related to combating police violence and supporting Black community members.

That is only the first step. In the long term, it means continuing to ensure that our work is in alignment with, and in support of, the tenants who know best what their communities need, as well as building an anti-racist framework into everything that we do.

In Solidarity,

Georges Clement, Acting Executive Director