The Magic Gate #justforfunc 3

A month ago I was having dinner with my team and we ended up talking about cool demos we could build with Google Cloud Speech API. Someone mentioned it would be a good way of answering phone calls … wait … phone calls!? ☎️

For almost a year I’ve been living in this apartment where whenever rings at the gate downstairs my phone will ring, then I have to press the button 9 to open the door. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these systems before … they work, but I also find it pretty annoying to have to answer the phone every time. So …

could I use speech recognition to open the gate with a spoken password?

That’s a demo! And actually, if you think about it it’s not too far from the door/paintings in Harry Potter!

Anyway, I decided it was a great opportunity to build a demo using Twilio and Google Cloud Speech API together. I had never used any of those before, so the video ended up being longer that expected… but here they are!

Part 1: I build the basic architecture using Google App Engine and Twilio to open the door regardless of who is calling.

Part 2: I add speech recognition by recording the phone call and sending the mp3 to Google Cloud Speech API.

I hope you enjoy them 😊