Gamedev.House Conference — Our Experience

Timur Taepov
Sep 25, 2019 · 3 min read

Recently we’ve participated in Gamedev.House Conference. The conference was held at Higher School of Economics (HSE), our alma mater. There were about 400 visitors, more than 20 game showcases, speeches by game industry experts and other interesting things.

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from left to right: Viacheslav Utochkin (HSE), Daniel Taepov (Justforward), Timur Taepov (Justforward)

Key goals we set for the conference:

  • to test a progress system in our game, 15 handcrafted challenging levels with puzzle elements;
  • to find developers for a publishing collaboration, we are looking into an opportunity to become a medium-sized hyper-casual publisher;
  • to prepare for the next big conference for game industry White Nights, we will have a showcase at this conference as well.

The things we prepared for the showcase:

  • a rollup with our branding;
  • a banner with our game artwork;
  • a PC with looped video of the core gameplay;
  • the latest game build on a device;
  • business cards;
  • a notepad for feedback;
  • and many snacks for our visitors.

We met very different people. Some visitors were interested in testing a game and provided much valuable feedback. Some people were business-oriented, we discussed possible opportunities for collaborations. Some people just stayed and watched the gameplay video for quite a long time. Others just took snacks :)

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photo by Sergey Strokov

Most of the showcases were mid-core projects. There was one VR project and our project was the only one related to the hyper-casual genre.

In general people liked the game. A couple of visitors passed almost all levels we prepared. It was definitely rewarding for us to see how they are engaged into the gameplay process. The same features were simultaneously liked and disliked by different testers. We’ve been provided tons of feedback, and wrote down many ideas we’ve heard at the conference.

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photo by Sergey Strokov

Key feedback points:

  • a sense of emptiness in the game environment;
  • a lack of actions;
  • a lack of gameplay / game mechanics diversity;
  • a lack of intuitiveness in some gameplay elements;
  • some UI failures.

Now we are working hard on these points and preparing for the next conference. Meet us at White Nights, October 16–17, 2019 in Moscow!

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