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African-Americans How Do We Use $1.3 Trillion Economic Buying Power.

Developing Racial Communication Skills in High School

High school was an interesting time in my life. In my freshman year of high school, I moved from Chicago to Houston and learned how to value authenticity. It wasn’t until I moved to Houston that someone told me I was beautiful for a black girl.

It was the time in my life when I realized the things you see on the news happen in real life and that there was a white America and a Black America. I was going into my Junior year of high school when white supremacist John William King and three white men executed James Byrd Jr. by dragging him behind a truck on June 7, 1998.

When did you realize you were a White Whisperer?

Those high school years were critical, it was the time in my life I developed the skill of translating black culture into words white people could understand and sympathize with. In high school, college, and even now as both a tech founder and Diversity Advisor, I am constantly reevaluating how to translate what is happening in the Black community into a context of cruelty that all audiences can relate to. I guess you could call me a White Whisperer.

Is it realistic to believe we can create change within our lifetime?

Yes! In my lifetime I’ve experienced Atari, beepers/pagers, the development of the cellphone, and the birth of the internet. It is 100% possible to create a visible change in this lifetime. To new non-Black allies, congratulations on taking your first step to enlightenment. Admitting the bias taught to be biased as a child was passed down to you from generations.



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Brooke Sinclair

Brooke Sinclair


Founder of By Our Blood. Activist, Author, & Future Billionaire. #bloodpc #reparations