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The Mind Trick White Slave Owners Used to Control the Slaves

When did Willy Lynch’s fool-proof plan stop working?

Watch the reading of Willy Lynch’s Letter to hear about the mind trick(s) White slave owners used to control slaves first. Then watch the show, No Invitation Required tomorrow night at 7 pm.

Have you ever ask yourself why did the KKK and white supremacists survive so long. They survived so long because they were part of the government. At one time the Klu Klux Klan had 11 governors, 25 senators, dozens of Congress members, and other politicians as members.

Fast forward to today, think back on the hellacious year 2020 was. For some white people, it really was the first time they had ever seen discrimination and racism for themselves. So then the question becomes if you were under the assumption that everyone was equal then when did Willy Lynch’s fool-proof plan stop working?

You can’t fix your diversity issues with a one-time program, hiring more people, or even hiring a DEI person. A smart business owner understands addressing DEI issues is proactive problem-solving. Humans are going to have conflict, it’s only natural. A successful business owner plans for such conflicts just like planning for a fire drill or hurricane.

On the next episode of No Invitation Required.

Don’t fix your diversity issues w/ a one-time program or hiring someone. Switch to an inclusive lifestyle. Don’t know how to be inclusive? Contact the Bias Rehab Center today.

How Do You Live Your Inclusive Lifestyle?



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Brooke Sinclair

Brooke Sinclair

Founder of By Our Blood. Activist, Author, & Future Billionaire. #bloodpc #reparations #securethetribe