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Why does Food & Bev have so many DEI issues?

Inclusion is like plumbing you install it before the foundation.

Why do you think the Food & Bev industry has had so many diversity and inclusion issues lately? If inclusion is like plumbing then wouldn’t it be wiser to install the plumbing into the foundation?

Photo by Enrico Sottocorna on Unsplash

You wouldn’t want to add plumbing after floating the drywall so why do most businesses wait to address diversity and inclusion after issues begin rather than before?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion should be woven into the foundation of your company. DEI isn’t just a one-time program or one-person job. If you’re having diversity issues and need help solving them contact the Bias Rehab Center today.

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Stories About Justice & Reparations for Foundational Black Americans. *Trigger warning!* Reader Discretion Is Advised.

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Brooke Sinclair

Brooke Sinclair

Founder of By Our Blood PAC (Political Action Committee). Activist, Author, and Future Billionaire. #securethetribe #reparations #bloodpc

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