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Your Husband Got The Maid Pregnant!

The Cause & Effect of Raising Your Husband’s Bastard Children

How would you feel if your husband slept with the maid? What if sleeping with your maid was socially acceptable, and an everyday norm?

On a special episode of No Invitation Required, we’re going to discuss the cause & effect of the Slave Master’s Wife.

We’re discussing the psychological effects of a generation of white women who had to absorb the disrespect of a husband who slept with the maid and then watch the bastard children walk around their houses and how that demeaning action plays into the birth of what urban culture has called “Karen’s”.

You Do NOT Want To Miss the “Slave Master’s Wife (Cause & Effect of)” on No Invitation Required, February 23rd. We’ll be joined by Special Guest & Bias Rehab Resident Professor, Danii Oliver, the founder of Island-to-Island Brewing Company and Beersgiving.

We’ll also discuss the Top 10 Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Programs Done Right and the upcoming YouTube show on the Bias Rehab Channel. For more information about the Bias Rehab Center visit

If you’re a slave forced to have sex, Are you a Sex slave?

About Bias Rehab Center

The Bias Rehab Center is your safe space to ask questions, learn, and grow. Bias Rehab is a systemic solution to systemic racism. Bias is a learned condition of the human experience, a habit. A habit that can be broken through a system of accountability and responsibility.

We don’t believe in miracles. We believe in steps. We believe your bias is a learned condition of your experiences. Unlearning your bias is going to take small repetitive steps on a daily basis.

A bias is a preconceived notion and the Bias Rehab Center helps you rehabilitate your preconceived notions. The most fun you can have discussing hard topics. The 11 Step program is brought to you by The Bias Rehabilitation Center. The eleven-steps are guidelines to overcome an addiction to privilege. The eleven-steps are a systematic method to break the habitual feeling of superiority. The term white whisperer is a trademark of the Bias Rehab Center.

Sinclair wrote the ’11 Steps to Rehab Your Bias’ which laid the foundation for The 11 Step Program and Brooke is the Diversity + Inclusion Advisor at Lady Suite and she serves on the Board for Cornerstone Family Resource Center. Brooke is passionate about empowering underserved communities with equal rights, civil rights, and reparations.



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Brooke Sinclair

Brooke Sinclair


Founder of By Our Blood. Activist, Author, & Future Billionaire. #bloodpc #reparations