justideas.io: Context Matters

A good idea is only a good idea in a particular context. This is the essential tenet behind justideas.io.

Sometimes the context is very broad and the idea might apply to a large range of situations. In other cases, the idea has a more limited relevance. An idea and its context either fit together, like pieces in a puzzle, or they don’t.

I think, when considering an idea, it is important to consider its context. While you may not agree or not like an idea, you might simply not share the context of the idea’s originator.

Furthermore, ideas can and should change and evolve, as we learn more and we have new experiences. Ideas are just that: ideas. They shouldn’t be axioms nor inflexible dogma, regardless if the idea has just sprouted or it has years of consideration.

And sometimes, even with all this said, some ideas are just crazy. :wink: