My Process

There is a method to my madness, that has evolved over the years. FWIW, I am outlining it in this post. (The sketchnote is more useful than the text below, me thinks.)

A summary of my general approach/process is:

  • Strategy
  • Organization
  • Iteration


You can read more here, but I focus on the Strategy Standup (done daily).

  1. What do we need?
  2. What are we missing?
  3. How might we bridge the gap between the two?


I try to find a balance between pen/paper and technology. For brainstorming and general thinking, I prefer pen and paper. When I am task oriented and/or want to preserve things, I use my computer or phone. A few of my favorite tools include:



I think iteration is essential. (Hopefully that is obvious.) Try something, see how it goes, tweak where necessary and repeat the cycle. Most things worth doing involve discovery and I need to learn and adjust throughout the journey.

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