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Justin K Prim

A Comprehensive Study of Gem Faceting Classes Around the World

Learn the sacred art of cutting

Prices listed in Thai Baht (33 THB~$1 USD)


Ultra Tec V5, the most well know American faceting machine Photo courtesy of Ultra Tec


The French-style Jamb Peg Machine Photo by Justin K Prim


Classroom at the IGM, Madagascar Photo courtesy of GemologyOnline


The modern Thai style Jamb Peg Machine Photo courtesy of Venice of the East Bangkok


The Australian-made VJ faceting machine Photo courtesy of Sapphire Engineering

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The collected written works of Justin K Prim : Travel Adventurer / Gemologist / Musician / Author of The Secret Teachings of Gemcutting

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Justin K Prim

Gentleman Lapidary | Author | Faceting Instructor | Chronicler of Gemcutting History