A well travelled and highly experienced self-starter, Justin has lived and travelled all over the world. He has worked in the arts, technology, graphic design, counseling, fashion design, the jewelry trade, audio engineering, customer service, and more. Justin considers himself a modern renaissance man, a jack of all trades, who is interested in everything and wants to learn it all!

Justin has been working in the gem trade since 2013 as a gem cutter, buyer, and seller. He has trained around the world in different traditions of gem faceting and is currently working on a book about the History of Colored Stone Faceting. Justin did his gemology training at GIA in London and Bangkok and at AIGS in Bangkok. Justin has travelled to gem mines and markets all over the world. Justin is currently working with a new gemstone masterclass school in Bangkok which will be announcing itself in early 2018.

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I’m around the world all the time now, so the best way to contact me is via email:


Other Projects:

A Brief History of Doog

The wildest stories about my best friend, Doog. Contained in theses pages are unbelievably true stores of mystical adventures, alien abduction, rock and roll, magick, exorcisms, mental institutions, and brain surgery.

Justinus Primitive

My solo musical project for the last 12 years, Justinus Primitive is vocal, experimental, and soulful. Using only my voice, I create textured loops of sounds and harmonies. I build up these layers to create experiences intended to take the listener to higher levels of consciousness.

Wave Decay Sonotorium

A sound/art installation, co-created with artist Katie Anderson. Set in the crumbling remains of a Scottish Victorian mansion, the Sonotorium is a bath of sonic sensation that uses pure tones and harmony to create an unusually peaceful ambience.

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