Ghostbusters: Locations

A Life Long Love Story

13 vs 28 year old me. 1997 vs 2012

When I was 13, my dad moved from Chicago to New Jersey to take a new job. My sister and I got to go out and visit him a few times while he was out there. It was my first time on an airplane and during our stay, it was my first trip to New York City. New York City would eventually become a place I would visit regularly on band tours and eventually a place where I would live and fall in love for a time. In 1997, it meant only one thing to me: the place where Ghostbusters was filmed.

I grew up on Ghostbusters and I had become a diehard fan before I even began my teenage years. When my dad asked us what we wanted to do, I pulled out a carefully prepared stack of papers with all the addresses and directions and I said that I wanted to visit the Ghostbusters filming locations. He smiled and our adventure began.

The Ghostbuster firehouse at the Corner of Varick and Moore in Tribeca. 1997
The 13 year old me, geeking out. 1997
Dana Barret’s apartment building on Central Park West. This is where the final encounter goes down with Gozer at the end of the film. 1997
You might recognize this facade from when the street broke open and everyone through the GB’s had died but they pull through and enter the building. 1997
The Church that the Marshmallow Man steps on. “No one steps on a church in my town!” 1997
Another shot of the church, next to the “Shandor” Building. 1997
The New York Public Library, where the Ghostbusters see their first ghost. 1997

Then the following year, I went to a family reunion in Florida and my Ghostbusters journey continued. We saw the Ghostbusters driving around Universal Studios. I’m glad I got to see this because it no longer exists.

The Ecto-1 rolling up.
A Ghostbuster looking for ghosts.
The 14 year old me, geeking out. Somehow I am wearing the exact same shirt from the NYC trip.
A pretty nice looking Proton Pack.
Exiting the scene.
The Ecto-1 rolls by.

Then in February 2012, no longer a child, I was on my way to Europe via NYC and I thought I would stop back by for old times sake

28 year old me, geeking out.
Sidewalk painting on the ground in front of the firehouse.
Inside the firehouse they have the old sign from Ghostbusters 2. So cool!

If you want to go on this journey yourself, here’s a quick guide to the NYC world of the Ghosbusters:

Ghostbusters Firehouse:
Hook & Ladder Company #8
14 North Moore Street, Manhattan, New York City

Dana Barrett’s Apartment Building. The “Shandor Building”:
55 Central Park West, Manhattan, New York City

New York Public Library
Fifth Avenue & 42nd Street, Manhattan, New York City

“Department of Parapsychology” / Weaver Hall
Columbia University 
Broadway & 116th Street, Manhattan, New York City

Manhattan City Bank, where they get a loan
489 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York City

Where Louis tries to escape the Hellhound
Tavern on the Green 
Central Park at W. 67th Street, Central Park, Manhattan, New York City

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