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On Achieving Greatness

The Pinnacle Photo by Justin K Prim

I spent a lot of time avoiding responsibility because I didn’t want worldly pressures sitting upon my shoulders.

I sought greatness in small things and worked towards personal goals.

When the Tao Te Ching said
“The saint inspires the vitality of all lives, without holding back.
He nurtures all beings with no wish to take possession of.
He devotes all his energy but has no intention to hold on to the merit.
When success is achieved, he seeks no recognition.
Because he does not claim for the credit, hence shall not lose it.”

I listened.

As I grew older, I was content with my small successes but I also sought more complex levels of achievement.

Now I seek greatness on a worldly scale, not for money or fame but only for the sense of validation in my life's path. And also for the satisfaction in knowing that I could aspire to the highest levels of achievement and attain success in my larger goals.

If you want to achieve greatness, forget about weekends off. Forget about the concept of 9–5. Forget about personal time. Adopt the mindset of an Olympian athlete. All of your effort must be concentrated upon your goal. There is no clocking out at the end of the day. There is only your goal and the path that you must create to get there. All moments in time must be focused. Set your determined and creative mind upon your goal and achieve. The Tao Te Ching informs us again, Great achievement is time consuming, and is slow to complete.

One can achieve the infinite realm, by achieving the infinite realm. Let your small goals grow larger. Let your large goals grow larger still until they set you upon a path towards the infinite. All paths lead to truth, eventually. Let your personal path bring satisfaction in worldly goals so that you may eventually shed your worldly desires in peace. “Peace” means returning to one’s original nature. This original nature is the eternal law. To know the nature’s law is to be enlightened.

True nature, without productivity would result in exhaustion of life. All things, without life essence would perish. Go out and achieve, without limits, without restrictions, without fear of failure. Some are successfully accomplished while others are declined and failed. Thus, the saint avoids all extremes, extravagance, and pride.

Achieve your worldly goals but, as the mystic songwriter Daniel Higgs tells us, “don’t shun the world, shed it.”

About the Author

Justin K Prim is an American gem cutter and gemologist living and working in Bangkok, Thailand. He has travelled all over the world, studying various types of meditation techniques, psycho-spiritual healing therapies, as well as his trade skills of audio engineering and gemcutting. He is in the process of publishing two books, the first is about a spiritual quest through the UK to find the hidden heart of Merlin, and the second is about the worldwide history of gemstone faceting. He has explored careers in spiritual counseling and energy healing but now works as a Gemstone Faceting Instructor in Bangkok as well as writing articles, producing videos, and giving talks about gem cutting history.

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The collected written works of Justin K Prim : Travel Adventurer / Gemologist / Musician / Author of The Secret Teachings of Gemcutting

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Justin K Prim

Justin K Prim

Gentleman Lapidary / Faceting Historian / Author of The Secret Teachings of Gemcutting / www.justinkprim.com

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