The Museum of Faceting Technology

Justin K Prim
Apr 22 · 2 min read

The Museum of Faceting Technology project began in February of 2018. At first it was devised as a personal collection but the scope quickly changed as more machines were acquired and donated. As the collection grew, it began to become a tangible representation of the worldwide culture of gemcutting.

In three years, the museum has acquired 52 machines, faceting heads, and handpieces from 21 different countries. The end goal will be to have at least one style of machine from each country that has a history of faceting. In some cases, such as the United States and Australia, there are dozens of types of faceting machines going back at least 100 years. In these cases, care will be taken in selecting machines for their uniqueness and antiquity.

This collection could not have been assembled without the generosity of our donors. The majority of these machines have been donated for free. Some have been offered at extremely low prices in order to support this project. We thank each and every one of our friends and machine donors:

Allan Lindberg, Baier’s Enkel, Blake, Christopher Kirfman, David Harucksteiner, Dennis Bodily, Dmitri Petrochenkov, Allen Whitehead, Anders Lyckberg, Chas Ma!hews Ltd, Derek Katzenbach, Don Williams, Douglas Sawchuck, Doyle Boyington, Ed Perry, Ernie Hayes, Farooq Hashmi, Gary Kratochvil, Gerd, George Seremetis, Gil Yuda, Herbert Schmidt, Instituto Gemologico Espanol, Ivan Andrasi, Jayamini, Jayesh Patel, Jayamini Karim Guerchouche, Jon Sauer, Lou Pierre Bryl, Luana, Mac, Mark Oros, Maxime Ruelle, Michael Krautkremer, Nastasya Mironova, Nicolas Francfort, Patrick Aldridge, Pedro Novaes, Philippe Ressigeac, Ray Metrick, Rojana, Simon Bruce Lockhart, Somsit, Sterling Gems & Lapidary, Thazin Han, Thiebault Leclerc, Tom Moore, Vesta Group, Waqas Ahmed

Special thanks to Michael Holmes for the catalog design and layout and to Victoria Raynaud for the continuous support in this project.

We hope to put the museum collection of public display soon but for the time being you can experience the collection through the museum catalog. You can click to download a copy of the catalog here:

Catalog of the Museum of Faceting Technology

Justin K Prim

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