The Weird In-Between Place of Travel

Sometimes I forget how hard travel is. Well, most of the time really. It’s easy to think about adventures in the future tense and not bring the necessary practicalities of making a real-life adventure actually happen into your fantasy. I’m currently in that weird in-between place where I still have a few weeks left before the action starts and my old life is basically all packed up into boxes but I feel stuck in the middle. I just don’t know what to do with myself right now. The vastness of my current plans have burned me out a little in their planning.

7 months of travel, lodging, plane tickets, school, and tuition financial juggling is a lot for one brain to manage. Not to mention that my work schedule has been ridiculous. Too many 16 hour days in a row. My brain and body are stuck in a weird place and I have no desire to do anything in my free time which makes me want to eradicate my free time with more work. My brain and body are ready but the universe demands that we wait.

I’m stuck between two worlds, having just spent half a year in the UK and then another half a year in San Francisco, and now getting ready to go back to Scotland before, more or less, relocating to Bangkok forever. This is getting a bit ridiculous, I think. It’s not that I can’t settle down. I just have so many dreams and I just can’t stop myself from putting all things into motion. It’s just that time. Time to go.

Except it’s not quite time to go. For now, I’m in the weird in-between place. The plane tickets have been bought, the tuition is worked out, the plans are finalized and now I wait. And work. It’s weird.