Tucson After-Party Guide 2023

A guide to all the evening and extra events at the Tucson Gem Show 2023 by Justin K Prim

Justin K Prim
Justin K Prim
2 min readDec 27, 2022


Friday January 27

Day: Tucson Fine Mineral Gallery- talks and events throughout the week — Schedule Here

Sunday January 29

Day: NAJA Conference— Register Here

Monday January 30

Day: AGTA Show begins
Day: Faceting Demo — UArizona Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum
Evening : Gemology Worldwide Party —Marriot Starr Pass — RSVP Here

Tuesday January 31

Evening: AGTA 40th Anniversary Party — Register Here

Wednesday February 1

Day: AGA Conference — Get Tickets Here
Evening: AGA Gala Dinner — 6:30PM — Get Tickets Here
Evening: UArizona Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum open until 8pm for evening visitors.

Evening: Rio Grande Meet and Greet — 6–7pm — Double Tree Convention Center

Thursday February 2

Day: Faceting Symposium Begins — Old Pueblo Lapidary Club
Evening: The History of Gemstone Software Design Video Documentary Premiere — Old Pueblo Lapidary Club — 4:30
Evening: AJDC Design AwardsUArizona Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum — 6–8:30pm — Register Here
Evening: Gem-A Bash — Marriot — Register
Evening: Tequila Thursday with Kerry Gregory — 5–7pm — Location TBA — Register

Friday February 3

Day: Faceting Symposium Day 2 — Old Pueblo Lapidary Club
Evening: GIA Night at the Museum — UArizona Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum — 6–9PM — Register Here
Evening: Mineral City Show Party — Details Here

Saturday February 4

Day: Faceting Symposium Day 3 — Old Pueblo Lapidary Club
Day: A Day at the Alfie — Alfie Norville Museum — Schedule here
Evening: AGTA Spectrum Awards Dinner
Evening: A Day at the Alfie: Speakeasy Party — 7–10pm
Evening: Faceting Hob Nob Party — Old Pueblo Lapidary Club

Here is an extensive of all the shows happening during the day at Tucson 2023: https://jogsshow.com/tucson-gem-show-schedule/

My daytime show recommendations:
For faceting rough: Pueblo Show and 22nd Street Show
For lapidary rough: Kino
For eye candy: AGTA and GJX
For talks and demos: AGTA seminars
Somewhere in the Rainbow Stone Display: UArizona Alfie Norville Gem & Mineral Museum

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Justin K Prim
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