Will Power, The Manifestation of Personal Dreams, and the Shifting Lens of Your Worldview

An Essay on the Mysteries of Your Inner Workings

The Stairway to Your Future Photo by Justin K Prim

There is an idea that I’ve been trying to find the proper way to express. It has to do with will-power and manifesting your reality and your personal dream of who and what you want to be. Here it goes:

People have an idea about who they want to be.

This idea is an idealized dream-personality that they created in their imagination and is probably definitely related to all the major influences of their life, whether that be family, religion, culture, tv/movies, books, philosophy, peers, etc.

This dream dictates the lens in which they view the world and this dream can and does change.

This lens enables them to hold any belief system that they want/need to be true and that system is directly correlated to the lens aka worldview.

For example, I am currently using my version of the perspective of the mystic. I look at the world through a mystical lens and use the feedback and ideas that I get through that lens to make decisions about my life and also to fluidly create the belief system that I currently exist in. The belief system dictates what I believe to be important and meaningful in the world. It lets me believe in things that I might not believe in if I held a different kind of worldview. It also dictates my moral perspective on life and the world.

Currently my best friend Eric is using the lens of the radical anarchist political activist. His lens has quite obviously shifted his behavioral patterns to conform with a new belief system and worldview that he is in the process of creating and refining. This lens was not the lens that he was using previously just as my mystical lens is the product of only the last 5 years and not my entire life.

Our ideas of what is “right and wrong” and other moral judgements are defined by the worldview that we choose to create. To continue to use Eric as an example because I know him well, I have witnessed his morals change as he grows through new phases of his life lens. I have seen him make radically different kinds of choices over the years depending on what worldview he had currently evolved into.

Some of our current choices may contradict our morals from an earlier lens.

I believe that who we have chosen to become is not arbitrary and is not actually a completely conscious choice that we could make as a physical being. A worldview is not as easily put on as a pair of pants. I think that our idea of who we want to be is directly related to our personal nature/traits (the higher self) which is an influence that comes from outside of time and space and whose influence reaches farther back and further inside than worldly influences such as family, religion, culture, tv/movies, books, peers, etc. Self identity is a tool that the higher self is using to help us learn the lessons we need to learn on Earth.

The dream that you hold of yourself seems to change as it needs to and fit into the needs that you have at different periods of your life. I haven’t always needed to be a mystic and Eric hasn’t always needed to be an activist but at this moment in our lives, it seems that these lenses are the most beneficial ones we could hold and are causing us to learn more at this time than any other worldview we could have.

The final point I guess I am trying to make is that you should always take your beliefs with a grain of salt because you will probably always change your mind about things as you grow and because other people around you might be using radically contrasting lenses. It’s pretty silly to expect someone to conform to your personal worldview when they have a completely different set of experiences and desires and needs which are dictating who they are and what they believe to be true.

Simultaneously, you should be completely committed to your passion which hopefully has everything to do with your dream and your worldview. Eric is extremely passionate about radically changing the world and I am extremely passionate about understanding the deep mysteries of the universe. It’s important to be able to hold the contradictory idea that your passion is the only thing that matters at this moment and simultaneously that it actually means nothing in the grand scheme of things. By that I mean; don’t hold anyone else to the standards of your insanely passionate drive. This is a compassionate act of love.