The Federal Government will Default and Shut Down in October

Despite controlling both houses of Congress and the White House, the GOP has had zero legislative successes. Don’t believe me, read John McCain’s own statement. They are desperate for a win — and not just any little bill. They want a monumental change in entitlement programs.

According to the Congregational Budget Office, the United States will reach the debt ceiling in mid October. Without raising the ceiling, the US Treasury will run out of money. The only way for the debt ceiling to be raised is for Congress to vote for an adjustment.

If there’s no money, the Government shuts down. National Parks close. Federal employees don’t get paid. Remember what happened the last time the Government shut down?

Unless Congress can actually come together and pass a bill to raise the debt ceiling, the Government will be shut down and the ceiling will be held hostage by amendments and legislative attachments.

“Want to re-open the Government? Vote yes on defunding Planed Parenthood.”

“Want to re-open the Government? Let’s stop funding Medicaid.”

“Want to re-open the Government? Pass this tax reform bill.”

The pettiness and bully tactics of the current Administration make proposition seem like a reality, and not a parody from a Veep episode.

In an age where every day there’s another reason to call your Congressional representatives, we need to start reminding them about the debt ceiling. If we don’t, the ramifications could be disastrous.

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