UX Design at Topdanmark

The insurance company, Topdanmark, needed a solution to better discover issues with their proprietary software that arise for their agents while on the job. Through user research and concept design we sketched out tools for the IT department to implement in their further development.

Problem focus:

During our research phase, we found that IT Management have limited statistical information about the problems insurance agents are having and the insurance agents lack the ability to easily give feedback on technical systems.


The proposed solution we called TopFeedback and it is an automated suite of data gathering applications and analysis tools, with a focus on resource monitoring and user feedback. TopFeedback consists of a system for monitoring the agent’s platform, as well as utilizing the pre-existing sales report as a channel for user feedback. This information is analyzed by an analysis tool, which gives valuable information on platform health, as well as automated warnings of arising incidents.

The goal of TopFeedback is to uncover errors through easy user feedback and get statistical insights. The service desk and developers will get statistical information and a foundation for supporting and enhancing the technological tools. The agents will in turn have an option of providing feedback through an already established channel — the mandatory weekly sales report (Fig. 1). In the additional field, the agent can easily flag if there have been any technical issues and what they were.

Fig.1 The weekly sales report. The red box contains the proposed addtion to the report.

Furthermore, we propose that an app could run on the more tech saavy agents’ phones. The app will once a week send a reminder to the agent to let IT management know if there has been any issues (Fig 2).

Fig.2 Concept of an app that allows easy feedback from the agents


TopFeedback will enable IT Management to get insights and understanding of the insurance agents’ usage of the technical platform. TopFeedback aims to help Topdanmark transition from reactive support on emerging problems towards anticipating problems before they arise. The goal is to identify problematic tendencies through statistical analysis, instead of relying solely on user feedback.


Implementation of the system monitoring tool should be tested on a small-scale first (e.g. 10 agents). However, system monitoring will likely give occasion for a privacy violation debate and we we consider it crucial that Topdanmark anticipate this. Topdanmark should take steps to ensure that the privacy is not violated and focus on transparency and making it clear to the agents that only limited, necessary data is gathered. Privacy concerns are an important topic of our time, and providing transparency is a healthy way to handle the criticism.