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Kalibrr Design Exercise: A job search for fresh grads

The challenge: Create a design for a mobile app that helps fresh graduates find jobs.


How can I design an app intended for fresh graduates?

Finding the Problem

  • Companies: “You need to invest a lot of time training, let alone onboarding fresh grads. We’d rather hire a mid-level developer. ”
  • Companies: “We’re looking for someone with work experience or a proven track record and business impact.”
  • Fresh graduates: “It’s difficult to look for decent companies that are willing to take risks in hiring fresh grads.”

These are not always true. To help fresh grads find jobs, we can solve these problems by focusing on three goals:

  • Market the product to companies who are willing to hire and train fresh grads, instead of competing with other job listing sites.
  • Highlight growth potential of fresh grads by emphasizing academic achievements and involvements.
  • Bidirectional relationship between applicant and employer.

Sketches and Wireframes

Project Manager / Operations Lead
Co-founder/Managing director
Chief Technology Officer

Instead of focusing on the lack of experience, we’re compensating it with what they can potentially be.

Ideas on the navigation and content layout
  • Information Architecture: I have already listed and assigned pieces of information in the earlier part of this study. I then organized them based on importance.
  • User flow: I categorized the information and came up with 5 main pages. I knitted them together into a logical and familiar experience. At this point, I chose familiarity over novelty to lessen the cognitive load.

It’s often said that familiarity breeds contempt, but in user experience it could be said that familiarity breeds happiness. Or at least it breeds less head scratching.

— Germaine Satia on “Familiarity in User Experience”

  • Persona: This is the tricky part. Since the competition is among fresh graduates, the major differentiator is their educational background and communications skill.

🧕 Gretel “The Achiever”

👨‍💻 John “The Contented”

  • Wireframes: I jumped into Sketch and designed low-fidelity mockups to get a better feel of the layout. I didn’t include them here for the sake of brevity.
  • Spotify: Pull down to reveal search bar and filter button
  • Instagram: Swipe to navigate thru pages, pull down to load new posts
  • Tinder: Card’s swipe directions pertain to unique actions

The Solution

Calendar: User pulls down to reveal Search and filter (similar to Spotify playlists)

Let’s discuss in detail the important pages in achieving our goals.


  • In getting started, the welcome screen describes how the app differs from its competitors. Next, it asks the user to answer 10–15 important questions. It should explain that completing the form allows the app to give the best matches.
  • The questionnaire asks for: basic information, the achiever type (academic, sports, publications, creative, etc), role preferences, and resume file. Since the questionnaire is somewhat long, some items can be skipped. Answers are submitted one by one and progress is visually indicated to create a sense of accomplishment.
  • Applicant’s information is reusable for quicker application.


  • The cards are tinder-like with swipe gestures to reject, bookmark and apply. Cards are sorted from most to least relevant.
  • The card’s above the fold displays basic information such as company name, job position, and location. At this point, we want John to say, “This looks like a good match. Let’s see more details.” He sees more information as he scrolls.
  • The job posting follows a similar content hierarchy with other job listing sites. Perk tags (Why work with us?) allows Gretel to assess whether Loom is a right fit for her or not.

Applicant’s profile

  1. Basic information
  2. Growth
  3. Academic background
  4. Skills
  5. Achievements

Job Applications

Moving forward

  • Create a clickable prototype, conduct user tests, and iterate.
  • Create a complementary app for schools to easily recommend their fresh graduates to companies.
  • See how we can take advantage of network effects.

😲 Woah, you got this far. Thanks for reading!



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