Class Recap 2/21/2017

Today’s class was spent reflecting on how we are feeling so far now that we are in our 6th week of class.

So far, I really enjoy being in this class because I don’t just see it as a “Learner Experience Design” class, I see the class as a general “Experience Design” class because I believe that all user experiences require a “learning aspect” to the actual experience. That’s why I like to argue that taxonomies and matrices such as Bloom’s taxonomy are great ways of categorizing interaction design patterns and use cases.

In terms of the sponsored project, our team of three (Vic, Gabe, and myself) are moving along in terms of discovering ways of improving the overall customer experience for our sponsoring client’s customers. We’ve been doing a ton of visualizing and mapping the system we are trying to intervene.

We spent the rest of class learning about Wiggin’s 6 Facets of Understanding from Understanding by Design. The six “facets” according to Wiggins include in order:

  1. Explaining
  2. Interpreting
  3. Applying
  4. Perspective
  5. Empathizing
  6. Self-Knowledge

In our sponsored project groups, we each received one of the six facets to extrapolate upon. We had to consider instances in our learning experiences in which we had a moment of understanding. My group had the self-knowledge facet. Some examples we came up with include both personal experiences such as during internships, to group experiences such as working within a team.

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