Ambrose Ch.5 Synopsis 2/19/2017

“Goal-direction practice coupled with targeted feedback are critical to learning”.

This principle was the driving theme behind Ambrose’s chapter 5. For this post, I wanted to do something a little different, and visualize the concepts behind the chapter. As a visual learner and designer, I find visualization is the best way to summarize the key arguments and points made throughout a given chapter.

The diagram above, the Cycle of Practice and Feedback, makes the connection between practice and feedback for effective learning experiences. The point of this is to illustrate how critical goals are to practice as well as feedback. The illustration also highlights how the process of practicing and receiving feedback can be cyclical for learners as well as instructors.

What learners should do when practicing venn-diagram

I wanted to create a venn-diagram of what learners should do when practicing. I not only included labels within the venn-diagram, but I also included a brief illustration of the performance to time chart in which the performance of a particular task is impacted by the level at which a learner spends their time practicing.

Effective Feedback Diagram

When Ambrose introduces the three aspects of feedback, I decided to create a venn-diagram of the three aspects in relation to each other. It becomes clear that all three aspects of feedback must be present when instructors provide feedback to learners. I labeled the “sweet spot” in the diagram as a way of showing how good feedback is a combination of the three aspects.

I personally would like to point out how while all these elements brought up in the chapter are needed when it comes to practice, I would argue that practice and feedback are not formulaic by nature. The level of practice and feedback present within a learning experience is entirely depended on who the learner is, as well as who the instructor is.

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