Learning Management Systems (revisited)

There is nothing wrong with an LMS. It’s great for storing and deploying stuff.

What is hopelessly wrong with the concept of an LMS is that it’s marketed as somewhere people should go to learn stuff, that we can then track — what about quality?

History and research shows that very few people do that and even fewer wants to do that, unless they are forced to. And therefore we force them. Furthermore we have only been able to track completion and not the quality. Thank goodness — because some of the stuff most people put in to LMSs… do not get me started.

So it becomes this distant place for people.
They only login occasionally and rarely engage with anything (or anyone).

What I think is most important about this discussion is that the LMS is totally disconnected from the work that people do. It is not integrated.

I know providers are working on bridging this gap — which will hopefully mean that the LMS will be invisible to people and just do what it is best at. Storage and deployment — but are they best placed to offer modern learning?

People want quality. People want to cutomise. People want to share. People want to curate. People want to challenge. People want change — but they do not know it.

JUSTJAG is crafting a ‘learning environment’ that harnesses sound pedagogy, looks and feels engaging and somethimg inline with what modern online usage and expectation — thats the hook — not the content.

UI and UX — simple.