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Apr 25, 2017 · 4 min read

Finding the motivation to start seasonal or even daily cleaning is not easy, well because there is always something more fun to do. It’s worse if you don’t know how and where to start. We prepared a cheat sheet for your cleaning routine. Just follow the simple instructions and never leave today’s work for tomorrow.

Adopt a daily routine to make things easier for yourself. Give no more than 15 minutes for each task. Keep it simple.

1. Make your bed but not immediately after you get up. Recent researches show that we share our house even our bed with dust mites. They are uninvited and inevitable. But you can reduce their numbers by reducing the moisture in your sheets and mattress. And for that you have to leave your bed unmade for a few hours. So yes, you can start your daily routine after you enjoy your breakfast and coffee.

2. Sort your mail. It will save you time if you categorise your mail and folder them once you bring them in.

3. Gather dirty laundry. We advice you to keep a laundry basket in every room, especially if you have kids or even just a husband, because you know practically they are same. 🙂 If you see any dirty clothes around put them in the basket until you wash them.

4. Wash the dishes or place them in the dishwasher.

5. Clean the kitchen and bathroom counters. If you spare two minutes everyday to wipe down the counters it will help you in long term. Think big.

6. Sweep kitchen floor. No matter how careful you are there will always be crumbs or food splash.

7. Go through every room and put any misplaced items back in place.

8. Organise shoes by the front door. Because each day you decide another shoe would go better with your outfit and never put the other shoes back.

If you are not living alone you can delegate some tasks to each member of the family. After all family means sharing, right?

1. Clean the hob. Of course it’s better if you clean it right after every cooking but we know it is not always possible to keep things on track every time. So at least this one should be the first bullet for your weekly cleaning.

2. Mop the floors. Start with this order: bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and entrance.

3. Wipe down inside of the oven and/or the microwave.

4. Clean any surface you see in the house, including sinks, appliances and counters.

5. Empty recycle bins.

6. Empty crumbs from the toaster. So you don’t have to deal with it before a beautiful weekend breakfast.

7. Clean toilet, bathtub and/or shower.

8. Wipe the mirror. Nothing cleans it better than a newspaper.

9. Change and wash towels.

10. Dust surfaces, including light, fixtures, furniture and electronics. Remember to dust before you vacuum the house.

11. Vacuum every room.

If you can, try to fit few of these task to each week to keep this list more manageable.

1. Clean your fridge. Take everything out, wipe down the shelves and only put things in if it’s eatable. Schedule this task before grocery shopping because your fridge would be less full. By the way, when we say clean your fridge we don’t mean only inside but also outside and top of it.

2. Wipe down the inside of every cabinet in the house.

3. Dust lamp shades, picture frames and any other dust holding items around the house, including air vents, light fixtures and ceiling fans.

4. Vacuum every room.

5. Clean inside windows.

6. Wash duvets, blankets, comforters, pillows.

It doesn’t matter whether you are preparing your house for Spring or Winter, a change of season is a reminder for tackling the small details.

1. Defrost and clean the freezer.

2. Reorganise food cupboards. Don’t keep any expired food.

3. Wipe down the insides and outsides of any cabinets/cupboards in the house.

4. Clean medicine cabinet. Throw away any expired medicine or donate if you have many and expire date is near.

5. Clean beauty products. We know that you keep many things just because you think you might need them someday. If you don’t use it by now you will never use and probably they are already expired. Don’t keep any expired product or empty bottles around.

6. Clean all hard-to-reach places: behind and under the fridge, washing machine and sofas.

7. Steam-clean carpets. As carpet cleaning is not easy you may seek a professional help.

8. Wash windows inside and out.

9. Wash walls if they are suitable.

10. Touch up paint if necessary.

11. Organise basement, garage and/or loft. Don’t keep anything you didn’t use last year because probably you will never use it again. Keep these rooms clean and organised to make the most of them.

12. Flip and clean mattress. If you wish you can call professionals for mattress cleaning.

13. Organise your personal files as well as your working area.

14. Reorganise your wardrobe. Never forget our motto: don’t keep anything you didn’t use last year. You can check this post to see how to save some time and space.

Never lose your motivation. Follow this cheat sheet and everything will be alright. If not, we are always here to get your back. Justmop professional team can help you with any task you wish.

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