What Wednesday #19: Fall TV

Today I’m lazy / and write about fall TV / in awful haiku.

Must Haiku TV

What Wednesday is where I talk about what I’m watching, reading, playing, etc, because for some reason I think you’ll find that interesting. If you have recommendations, I’d love to hear them :)

What I’m Watching: Fall TV

For people over the age of 30 who remember life before Netflix, fall was when new TV shows would premiere and favorite shows would come back. Way back when, we binged on stuffed crust pizzas and Surge, not TV. We’d get one episode a week and like it! We were just happy if it wasn’t pre-empted by football.

Since some networks still live in that golden age of VCR’s, the trusty DVR has been filling up with new and returning shows for the past month. Instead of writing thousands of words on all of them, I decided to save you (and I) the effort and use the laziest form of writing: haiku. For those of you who fell asleep during English 101: 3 lines, 5 syllables, then 7, then 5.

Atlanta (FX)

This show is amazing and poignant. I’ll write much more on it in the near future
Fresh, provocative
Yet the highest praise is that
It’s Necessary.

Bob’s Burgers (FOX)

Best Simpsons show since the Simpsons. Suck it Family Guy. Wrote about it last week.
H. Jon Benjamin
His name is five syllables
This show is awesome.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)

Captain Holt wants YOU to be entertained
Andy Samberg and
Old Spice guy are funny, man
But Captain Holt slays!

New Girl (FOX)

I can’t stay mad at you, New Girl, you’re just so darn cute!
At first it was great.
Then not great. Then great again.
Now we wait and see.

Last Man On Earth (FOX)

My beardspiration. Look, I know this is the 5th Fox show on here. I promise it’s not because I work for them, they just make really good comedies! And my boss definitely did not make me say that. Not at all. Nope. No siree.
Cringe comedy is
hard to watch for some people.
This one is worth it.

Rectify (Sundance)

Probably the closest thing to art on TV. Stunningly powerful.
Please watch please watch please
Watch please watch please watch please watch
Please watch please watch. Pleeeeeaaaassseeee.

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Shambling around, preying on the brains of unsuspecting viewers
Best show on TV.
Smart, moving, brilliant writing.
Just kidding, it sucks.

Westworld (HBO)

You got western in my sci-fi. I talked about this wonderful new show a few weeks ago.
Dragons or robots?
I’d prefer robot dragons.
Better than Game of Thrones.
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