Am I paranoid about computer security?

I’ve had multiple friends tell me I am paranoid about security when it comes to using computers. When I went to login to my gmail on my friends computer, first I had to login to LastPass using my master password. Then I had to use Authy 2fa to even get into LastPass. Now I have access to me 20–100 character long random passwords. All important sites I use have 2fa enabled. I change my important passwords every month or so.

Another layer of security is the fact that I need to be connected to one of my two private VPNs to even access the email tied to my LastPass and Authy accounts.

I use Google Fi for my phone provider so you need to get my gmail to steal my SIM card.

I have two questions for you, the reader. Am I too paranoid, and what do you do to protect your online accounts.