Restaurant Cyber Security?

As a restaurant owner, should you be worried about cyber security? Well, that depends on what style of restaurant and if you have any open technological devices out in the open.

I work at the restaurant which shall not be named. At this restaurant, we have a table tracking system with a screen that shows where each order goes. The issue is that this screen, which is powered by LRS software on Windows 7, has available USB ports on the side. All someone has to do is plug in a USB stick and they could infect the network.

Due to the recent leak of NSA malware, securing your computers and network should defiantly be a top priority. The malware called EternalBlue and BrutalKangaroo should defiantly be of worry. Make sure if you own a business, that you always enable automatic updates and download them as soon as possible. Also, I recommend blocking off USB ports with little plastic blocks that you can find on Amazon for as little as $18.

Another thing you should worry about is securing your network if you have an open WiFi network. I suggest making a separate secure guest network that has no access to the main network. Make sure you update your routers at least once a week. It defiantly pays to be secure.

I hope those tips will help you to be more secure as a restaurant owner. If you have any suggestions, make sure to comment down below!