More Governments, Not More Government.

The problem with government is it’s a one-size-fits-all winner-take-all monopoly. That doesn’t work well by design.

It’s missing the key ingredients that make capitalism work (when it does), a free market and competition.

Sure, there’s some pseudo-competition during election season in the form of campaigns, but everyone is stuck with the same thing after an election regardless of their votes.

That’s equivalent to watching all kinds of fancy car ads during the Super Bowl, voting for the one you want, then being told, “You’re all stuck with Ford F-150s until the next Super Bowl because that’s what most people voted for.”

That would be a ludicrous way to choose our cars, yet that’s what we accept in government.

We need more governments.

Let me elaborate…

I’m what you might call a liberal-tarian. I believe in free markets, but I think trickle-down-economics is a complete sham. I believe we should provide a social safety net, but I think it would be more effective in the form of a negative income tax instead of bureaucratic welfare programs. I believe in climate change because, well, duh.

But those are my beliefs, and I believe you shouldn’t have to be bound by them.

If you’re a conservative and you want to believe giving tax breaks to the rich is the good way for society to function, you should be free to do so. If you believe you shouldn’t get much help if you’re poor, be my guest. But no one else should be bound to the consequences of your beliefs other than yourself (and others who share your beliefs).

We should be able to subscribe to different governments just like you can buy different insurance plans or mutual funds. They’re both examples of people pooling resources and allocating them according to a different set of shared values and priorities, just like governments. In this hypothetical world, I might subscribe to a liberal-tarian government, and you might subscribe to a conservative government, and we’d both be happy.