Kühner Kommentar an Amerika

Wilhelm Kühner with James Randi at Reason Rally 2012.
Ad libitum tamen primum non nocere.

Kühner Kommentar an Amerika is a publication of “frank, independent, and courageous analysis with a deep aversion to sham and pretense wherever it appears” and the online home of supplemental content for my eBook Who knows why the geese go barefoot?

Aber, wir haben hier leider keinen Esel der Gold kackt im Keller. Wilhelm Kühner is the “pen name” (Germanized version) of William Keener, the name of the author and editor of this publication and an eighth-generation German American native of rural North Carolina. I am not the founder of the Kühner Company in Germany, nor do I have any association with them.

My goal is to try to carry on the tradition started by one of my Progressive Era ancestors who was once described as “a man of inquiring mind, ready decisions, [and] strong opinions” that “expressed himself forcefully and effectively.” He was a prominent newspaper editor in the state, and his name was Walter Ney Keener (1880–1931).

Note This publication, eBook, and its author are in no way endorsed or supported by James Randi, and I certainly do not speak for Walter — much less all members of the Keener family. Nor am I associated with Canadian-American radio host Jeff Kuhner (apparently the son of Croatian Canadian immigrants), but I do have empathy for the residents of Donald Drumpf’s ancestral village in Germany.