Franklin Graham’s Faustian bargain is dumb: Who knows what Drumpf will do?

Screenshot: Facebook post by Franklin Graham (October 14, 2016).
das ist Bescheuert

My own family owes a “yuge” debt of gratitude to the Graham family in North Carolina — specifically to William A. Graham and his father, General Joseph Graham (13 Oct. 1759–12 Nov. 1836), who provided us with the most reliable historical account of the sacrifices of my fifth great grandfather, Tory Captain Abraham Kühner, and his friend, Patriot Captain Daniel McKissick, at the Battle of Ramsour's Mill.

Joseph Graham’s Vesuvius Furnace historic home (1792) between Iron Station and Denver, N.C. Photo by Wilhelm Kühner (2016).

But growing up in rural North Carolina in the 1960s, I was always struck by how enthralled my parent’s generation seemed to be with a charismatic TV preacher named Billy Graham. In fairness, none of us knew at the time about his anti-Semitism or his plan, shared with Richard Nixon, to kill a million North Vietnamese. Still I suspect some of my family and friends would have supported him at the time even if they had known about these views, and unfortunately some still do.

On the other hand Billy’s son — Franklin — is not widely known for his tolerant views or his attempts to avoid repeating the mistakes of his father. So I’m not going to review the litany of charges here. Instead, I will simply refer my evangelical readers to the evangelicals and other faith leaders slamming evangelicals for giving Herr Drumpf a pass — such as Russell Moore, Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck, the editors of Christianity Today, and the students at Liberty University. Ignorance is no excuse in this case. You can’t say later that you weren’t warned.

That said, I do agree with Franklin that this election is a critical one in terms of defining the future of SCOTUS and — hopefully — stopping the weaponization of religious liberty that he so desperately continues to advance. So it is my fervent wish that my friends and relatives who are still in Franklin’s camp will wake up to Herr Drumpf’s SCOTUS sham and recognize what is really at stake with respect to “religious freedom,” the future of our country, and future generations of Americans, but we don’t have to agree on the latter to recognize the former.

“Prayer is not one of our remedies; it depends on what one is praying for. We consider prayer nothing more than a fervent wish; consequently the merit and worth of a prayer depend upon what the fervent wish is.”
- A. Philip Randolph

Simply put, no one has any freaking clue what Herr Drumpf will do when it comes to SCOTUS nominees or anything else for that matter— and every reason to expect that Clinton will appoint moderates no matter how large her victory in November. So unless you really do want to accelerate the gaslighting of America, Clinton is the only rational and compassionate choice when it comes to the future of SCOTUS and true religious liberty in Amerika.

Mit herzlichen Grüßen,
Wilhelm Kühner

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