Keener Virtual Private George W. Rabb Confederate Memorial Park

The new “Private George Rabb Confederate Memorial Park” on Highway 16 in Newton, N.C.

“I must confess now, while old, I had lots of fun and was lucky to lose only one leg, all of which I thank my Heavenly Father for.” — George Washington Rabb (1929)

“I didn’t know much about the issue, but enthusiasm, patriotism, and the fact that all my companions were enlisting, made up for the lack of knowledge and decided me.” — George Washington Rabb (1929)

“We went out of the Union because we wanted the worth of our slaves in our own way. We believed then that slavery could not flourish unless we succeeded. Let us be frank.” — Albert Smith Marks, Governor of Tennessee (1879 to 1881) and Confederate colonel during the Civil War, as quoted in The Newton Enterprise (December 4, 1880; Page 1)

Catawba County Confederate Soldiers Monument in Newton, N.C.
Snip: The Newton Enterprise, July 25, 1907 — via
The inscription on the Catawba County Confederate Soldiers Monument in Newton, N.C.

“More than forty-five years have passed since the tattered flag of the lost cause was furled to be forever held as a sacred memento of the daring deeds of Catawba’s true and gallant sons, who so willingly and obediently offered their services when they saw that war was inevitable.” — George W. Hahn (1911).

Snip: The Hickory Democrat (June 16, 1910 -
Snip: The Lincoln Courier (June 30, 1849) —
Snip: The Newton Enterprise (July 12, 1906; Page 3) — via
Snip: The Newton Enterprise (March 7, 1901; Page 3) — via

“My father was no slave owner and that issue never came into my mind.” — George Washington Rabb (1929)

Public monument to the 600 Catawba County Confederate Soldiers who died in the service of slavery and white supremacy in our country.

“Times is very gloomy.” — Alexander Keener (1865)

George Rabb grave site.
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A frank, independent, and courageous look at my German-American heritage, history, and current events with a deep aversion to sham and pretense wherever it appears.

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