NC Pastors Network supports president’s immigration…uh, travel…uh, Muslim ban

Old Union Baptist Church in Lincolnton, N.C. — formerly a German (Union) “Do as you please” Church.

“By projecting messages like the one in this advertisement, the North Carolina Pastors Network is not only surrendering to ISIS in fear, it’s pushing their agenda.” — Laney Ruckstuhl (HDR, 2016)

In response to a January 2016 piece in the Hickory Daily Record about a local Muslim friend, former co-worker (in the 1980s) and fellow member of the Catawba Valley Interfaith Council (CVIC), the North Carolina Pastors Network (NCPN) ran a full page ad in the paper “to set the record straight” on Islam. Now the “lone voice of truth in a desert wasteland of political correctness” has “chosen to prominently place this billboard for maximum impact on the westbound lane of I-40 in western North Carolina” (NCPN News, May 20, 2017). NCPN is a local chapter of the American Pastors Network, which is apparently run by a 501(c)(3) in Wayne PA.

HDR Facebook post and poll.

Several members of CVIC and others in the community, including myself, responded to the newspaper ad in 2016 with letters to the editor before Laney Ruckstuhl’s published her open letter to NCPN in February. According to Dave Kistler, NCPN’s President, the ad was “all the more important” at the time “in light of the President’s visit this week to a mosque [in Baltimore] with known terrorist ties.” But that was 2016…

In light of the current president’s recent trip to the homeland of most of the 9/11 terrorists, a country not included in his “travel ban,” the timing and content of NCPN’s billboard and associated news release is filled with irony. Never mind that none of the 9/11 terrorists were “immigrants” — they all entered the country legally on temporary, mostly tourist, visas. Never mind that it was 2,605 Americans, not 2,977 — 372 victims of 9/11 were non-U.S. citizens (excluding the 19 perpetrators) from 90 different countries.

“The dilemma we face with Islamic terrorism is one of the religion itself. Plain and simple, Islamic ideology/theology is the problem.” — NCPN News (May 20, 2017)

As the Trump Administration is busy scrubbing the “Muslim ban” language from its website in the wake of the president’s own words being used against him in various federal courts, I’m not sure his lawyers appreciate NCPN’s attempt to prominently support his ban by advertising Islam as the “motherload [sic] of dangerous ideas” (Mark Creech). Perhaps they should stick to driving Satan out of power in the Capitol instead???

Updates —July 1: The N.C. Council of Churches weighs in with a billboard of their own…

May 28: CVIC members and the editor of the HDR weigh in on the billboard. Meanwhile, the NC Pastors Network and President Trump remain conspicuously silent about the murders of Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche by a white supremacist on a commuter train in Portland, Oregon on Friday night.

May 25: Today, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals refused to reinstate the president’s Muslim ban, saying it “drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination,” thereby violating “one of our most cherished founding principles — that government shall not establish any religious orthodoxy, or favor or disfavor one religion over another” (Slate, May 25). One could say the same about this billboard. As for the travel ban, it is probably headed to the Supreme Court now — but without a single lower court agreeing that it’s constitutional.

What would Jesus do? A pastor at a local Reformed Church in the community weighs in on this question…

“My opinion is that I think these people need the saving gospel of Jesus more than I need to be protected. I’m perfectly willing for people who are hostile to us to be in our country because that’s what loving your enemy is all about.” — Rev. Paul Cummings

Nothing to see here…just a completely normal glowing orb. ;)
Nothing to see here…just a Christian calling the Manchester victims “Sluts,” “Whores,” and Sodomy Lovers.

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