Make the Abortion Rate YUGE again?

Number of abortions per 1,000 women ages 15–44. Source: Guttmacher Institute (NPR).

The abortion rate in the U.S. is currently at its lowest level since Roe v. Wade was decided on January 22, 1973, forty-four years ago last Sunday. While costly and dangerous abortion restrictions in some states may have contributed to this decline, they don’t tell the whole story according to Rachel Jones at the Guttmacher Institute. According to Jones, improved access to contraception was a more important driver. You may have some “alternative facts.”

But regardless of the causes of this decline, one would think that a new president who says he wants to “unify” the county would not pick such a politically divisive issue for one of his first presidential executive orders. Yet yesterday, the most unpopular new president in at least four decades and largest popular vote loser to ever hold office signed an executive order that is almost certain to increase the number of abortions in the poorest countries on the planet. Appropriately called the “Global Gag Rule,” it prevents U.S. funding to NGOs who provide abortion services but also to those who merely “counsel patients that abortion is a family planning option.” Wait…make that the Global Gag Rule on steroids.

What’s next? Some of my liberal friends have posted Facebook status updates recently along the lines of the following:

Posting this so it will hopefully come up in my Facebook memories.
Inauguration Day 1/20/2017
Gas $1.97
Dow 19,819
NASDAQ 5560.7
Unemployment 4.7%

Unfortunately, the above positive abortion trend line may also be just a memory in our not too distant future…

Keener baby buried at the Kühner-Schramm Family Cemetery.

See also: My “pro-life” Christian friends may want to read this excellent piece by John Osburn, who I’d be proud to join in a march, before commenting. It could save us both some time. :)

Deutsch für Euch (YouTube).

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Wilhelm Kühner


Pruning the “tangled thicket” of Kühner (Keener) Genealogie in Amerika and reflecting on its relevance to current events.