Sprint 1: DRAFT Demo, Retrospective, and Next Steps for Amerika (4-FEB-2017)

Sprint 1 Demo: Grave marked with plain fieldstone.
“Bad news doesn’t get better with age.” —Dan AmosAflac.

If I were the Scrum Master for our last sprint as a nation, I’d be very suspicious about the team’s honesty, transparency, and ability to learn from our mistakes if the following items are not discussed in the retrospective for the past two weeks. So here goes…

The Good:

  1. Bowling Green massacre didn’t happen.
  2. SCOTUS nominee only joking about founding the ‘Fascism Forever’ Club in high school yearbook (1985).
  3. Acting Attorney General declined to defend travel ban.
  4. Multiple federal judges issue temporary restraining orders on travel ban.
  5. Federal judge approves nationwide restraining order on travel ban.
  6. Immigrant stories are starting to appear online and a syllabus is now available for understanding the historical context for our current debate.

The Bad:

  1. Bowling Green massacre traumatized our kids.
  2. POTUS Twitter account now probably a vector for malware via dead links in old presidential tweets.
  3. SCOTUS nominee’s high school yearbook quote (1985) is troubling.
  4. 50 lawsuits and counting — will be costly for the public.
  5. POTUS fired the acting Attorney General, setting a dangerous precedent with echoes of the past.
  6. US Marshalls may have failed to serve court orders on travel ban.

The Ugly:

  1. Travel ban on citizens only from some Muslim-majority countries (as well as additional immigration changes planned by POTUS) ignores an unfortunate new reality, is unlikely to reduce the threat, may help the terrorists with recruitment, will have a real impact on people’s lives, and is likely to drive high-tech businesses away and do severe damage to our nation’s leadership in science and technology. Plus it’s just wrong.
  2. The white supremacists think we’re setting them free and have been known by the FBI to have infiltrated law enforcement for over 10 years now. Senior picture day at one high school in Texas looked more like a Hitler Youth rally.
  3. A small minority of violent anarchists seem determined to use any means necessary to cause even more chaos and only serve to delegitimize peaceful opposition to impediments.

Urgent: New blocking impediment — Product Owner needs to be replaced.

OK team, what‘s missing from this list? Let me know in the comments and I’ll update these team notes before Sprint 2 planning tomorrow…

Important: Prior to Sprint 2 planning, please complete these action alerts and help remove our new blocking impediment. And, no punching Nazis!