K2 Product Design Manifesto

Three years ago we wanted to create a new website for K2 Product Design. I wrote our manifesto for it (partially inspired by perhaps the greatest agency manifesto ever by Edenspiekermann). Unfortunately this website was never finished. But Łukasz Lewandowski, K2’s vice-president, liked our manifesto so much, that we kept coming back to it, talking about how we might use it somewhere someday. But there was never a good opportunity. So it’s time to finally publish it, because we still stand behind every line. Here it is with original illustrations by Jacek Opaluch from 2014. (Wersja polska tutaj.)

1. We’re not fond of bullshit

Our industry is full of it. Design is not about buzzwords, post-it notes, wireframes, tools and methods. It’s about creating big ideas and crafting small details. It’s hard work to clarify, simplify and eliminate all things unnecessary. And there’s no app for that.

2. We value people and culture over process

There is no magic process. The key to good design is teamwork. You can’t separate function and form, interface from content and technology, so our UX Designers work together right from the start of every project with Visual Designers, Copywriters, Developers, etc.

3. We believe in doing more with less

Less features, less choice, less visual noise makes better products. Just enough (and no more) research, wireframes, mockups, documentation makes design process better.

4. We are bored to death just making pretty pictures

We aim to understand real needs and problems to develop creative solutions, that can bring business value and change users lives for the better.

5. We like to work with our clients, not just for them

We do things our clients can’t. But we can’t do great work without learning from our clients. We’ve already learned a lot from hundreds of the best brands in many different industries.

K2 Product Design team is a part of K2 Internet — a leading digital product design and communications agency in Poland. We develop digital services, apps and websites with a strong focus on user experience. We are working with companies such as IKEA, Carrefour, PKO Bank Polski, Pekao SA, Leroy Merlin, ORLEN, CD Projekt RED, and many more.

If you like our attitude and want to talk about possible cooperation with K2, please write to me at: maciej.lipiec@k2.pl